How To Get Court Orders Enforced: Family Law Attorney Susan Kherkher Responds

Houston Family Law Attorney Susan Compton Kherkher provides assistance to her clients through the process of Enforcement of existing Court Orders. Child support payment enforcement is one of the common necessities.

Houston Family Law Attorney Susan Compton Kherkher helps many individuals in the process of getting current court orders properly enforced. Kherkher is able to work with her clients to educate them and accomplish the best end result possible while being very firm but fair in the process.

There are numerous reasons why someone may need a professional, experienced attorney to help them through this process. A motion for enforcement may be filed to enforce a final order for conservatorship, child support, possession of or access to a child, or other provisions of a final order. The Court has the authority to levy harsh punishment on a person who does not obey their order and it is necessary to have an attorney who is experienced in these type cases to assure the precise terminology for Texas law is used and the court order will be properly enforced.

Not everyone is always willing or able to comply with the order of the Court in their family law case. There are many cases of divorce where there is a specific court order put in place to protect all parties involved, especially children. Unfortunately not everyone is consistently compliant with these court orders and in many cases further enforcement of the court order is necessary.

If a person has a valid Court order, and the other party is not following it, they may need to file an Enforcement action to request that the Court require the other party to follow the order. Often, a party hires a lawyer because, even though a judge has ordered the other party to pay support, they fail to do so. Sometimes, the other party is not paying support at all or is not paying it as it was ordered. This matter can be brought before the Court who has several methods to assure the party who has the child support obligation complies to the Court Order.


As an attorney with over 25 years of experience in multiple areas of law such as Divorce, Child Custody, Post Divorce Modifications, Parental Relocation and Enforcement Orders, Kherkher helps her clients to manage their expectations and focus on the children's needs.

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