How to Find Your Purpose in Life – Results Are in & Men Have New Hope!

Testimonials from an inaugural group of True Man Academy graduates are in. Results prove there is still hope for men who are seeking advice on life's biggest questions.

For a man in today's world looking for assistance in discovering his life's purpose, there are not too many places to look. The world is plagued right now with stories of Justin Bieber's bad behavior, high profile murders, and mall shootings. Where have all the heroes gone? Where are the true male role models the world so desperately needs? Based on recent testimonials, The True Man Academy is on the case, cultivating the next generation of male role models.

Men are a particularly important demographic to nurture in today's society. In their natural masculine role, men typically set the temperament, atmosphere, and directional focus of our families, communities and towns. They are our coaches, mentors, uncles, brothers and fathers, and it is most critical that these masculine leaders are grounded, confident, and in full alignment with their life's purpose. Recent reports showing that, 73.8 percent of all arrestees in 2012 were males ( and Justin Bieber's recent marijuana shenanigans (Bieber incident) act as undeniable reminders of the room for improvement there is in cultivating male heroes worthy of following.

Results from a recent survey indicate that the True Man Academy, a 12-week transformational program created and implemented by top-selling personal growth coach and author, Noah Hammond, is helping hundreds of men find their purpose in life and stay on track. Over 77% of participants reported experiencing ‘extrodinary' breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.

Jessie Galloway, a recent True Man Academy graduate, explains the benefits, “I felt like I was fumbling around and that there had to be more to life. I wanted a challenge. I wanted to find my purpose in life. A man needs something to be up. We all know that. The True Man Academy helped me find my life's purpose. Now I find myself taking responsibility for my actions, and always looking for ways I can contribute. I have gained real confidence. I have become a true man.”

In addition to twelve weeks of online training, The True Man Academy facilitates an on-line members area and group coaching calls. Here True Man Academy brothers support and encourage one another to be their best selves and continue following their life's purpose. Based on testimonials, it appears as though it is this extra support that facilitates the effectiveness of the program.

To date True Man Academy success stories are abundant and range from making new friends, to quadrupling business profits, magnetizing the RIGHT women, and achieving first-time-ever fitness and health goals.

There really still is hope – even in this chaotic world – for men who are looking for support in finding their purpose in life and gaining confidence.

Noah Hammond, creator of the True Man Academy, is a personal growth expert, author and coach who has assisted thousands of people around the world in finding their life's purpose. As a successful entrepreneur, Noah has done over 3 million dollars in online sales and has 9 top-rated informational programs on personal development, goal setting and achievement, and online business marketing. Noah Hammond has also reached millions through his YouTube channel,

The True Man Academy is a foundational program of We Thrive Global, Inc. We Thrive Global, founded by Noah Hammond and Corrin LaCombe, is an organization committed to empowering movements that contribute to a thriving world through knowledge exchange, training programs, and global projects. At We Thrive Global they believe that a thriving planet starts with thriving people that are healed of emotional trauma and clear on what they are here to contribute to the world.

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