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A thorough consumer guide to the 2017 coffee grinder market, written and published by Sam Fox,

Some people like their coffee black, others with a little bit of milk and sugar, yet there are those who like their coffee dark and bitter. Whatever the preference, the one thing that remains constant is that good coffee has no equal. Every time someone orders a cup of coffee or brews one to their liking, the only expectation they have is that the taste is what they are used to.

While some people would rather save time and use instant coffee, we all know that the blending, packaging, storage and shelf life all eat into the flavor. The only way to get a rich tasting and authentic coffee brew every time is to get a grinder. The market is full of this product but like all revolutionary items, just any grinder will not do. Before we let you know the best grinder in 2017, we need to analyze what we need it to do:

Consistency – a perfect cup of coffee means that the taste, aroma, and potency are predictable every time. The only way this can happen is if the coffee grinder you are using has the same exact performance every time. This calls for a grinder with high-quality grinds and long lasting bits to ensure that the process takes the same curve always.

Ease of cleaning – the reason one would want to use a grinder to prepare their coffee is so that it can break down the beans. It means that when a certain amount of coffee beans is measured for grinding, the resultant product should be more or less the same weight. A grinder that expels the majority of the grinds maintains the intensity of flavor for every batch. Not only that, it is easy to clean because most of the grind has self-cleaned.

Grind settings – apart from the fact that different types of coffee are grown under varying climatic conditions, the size of the grind also influence the taste. If sourcing a grinder for a specific taste, bear in mind the size of the grind and the machines ability to be set.

The cost of grinder – when making a purchase, it is almost guaranteed that price will play a major role in influencing the decision to buy. Hand grinders can be as cheap as $50 whereas electric grinders cost around $500. The price is in most cases influenced by the brand, features, mechanism of grinding, workmanship, and quality of components used.

Based on our consideration of all the above factors, we have settled on the House of Barista's Ceramic Coffee Grinder as the best coffee grinder in 2017. Apart from the fact that it is made from exceptionally high-quality raw materials, the grinder is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. Its light weight makes a handy tool for the outdoors and as such a perfect gift item for lovers of coffee.

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