How to eat the quickly frozen foods with more nutrients and healthy values?

March 18, 2014, China. Although nutrition of frozen food is not better than the fresh food and vegetable, it has also accepted as the most suitable choice for people's daily eating in today's fast-paced life. However, people should be very carefully in the purchasing, storage, cooking and other aspects so that eating frozen food will be as good as the fresh food. Today, this article which written by editor from website which is the famous China Frozen food supplier will teach people there key factors for eating frozen food healthy.

First, people should note the quality guarantee period. Overall, the big brands products such as the frozen food from have very good quality assurance. When people are in the purchasing process, they need to carefully see the bags, product name, manufacturer address, date of production and quality guarantee period of the frozen food such as Frozen Vegetables and Frozen Fruits they want to purchase. While frozen food has long shelf life, people should better choose the products with the closest production data.

Second, people need to carefully check the conditions of the frozen foods such as color and touching feeling. There are various frozen foods in supermarket. If the frozen food in the sealing package is white, this is mostly due to the changing of refrigeration temperature is too much and water loss is very huge, people must not buy this sorts of frozen foods. However, people should choose those without thawing phenomenon.

After purchasing, people need to take the home with the fastest speed to avoid the melting on the way home. If people cannot eat the frozen foods right away, they should quickly place it immediately in the refrigerator. Although the refrigerator could help people storage the frozen food, people should still eat them as soon as possible since the temperature into the refrigerator is instability.

When storing, the frozen foods such as iqf vegetables should avoid to be placed together with other raw fish, meat, poultry and other products. Different food stored in the same space will spread the bacteria between each and it cause food spoilage. So, people need to eat the frozen foods quickly after open the seals.

On the other hand, people should not add much more water in the cooking process. The more the water they add, the more loss of the dissolution water-soluble vitamins. This is because that nutrient of most foods could be dissolved in water, such as salts which could reach to 10 % to 25 %, Vitamins which could reach to 15% to 25%. In order to reduce the loss of nutrients, people could add the right amount of starch to thicken when cooking certain frozen foods.

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