How Shield Me Anti-Radiation Cases Are Changing The Wireless Landscape One Case At a Time

When Rose Vitale learned about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation in an industry where she'd spent 10 years building thriving cell phone businesses, she didn’t consider running away or covering anything up.

“It's hard to talk about the dangers of cell-phone radiation without sounding like a conspiracy theorist,” Vitale said. “This is especially true in the United States, where non-industry-funded studies are rare, where legislation protecting the wireless industry from legal challenges has long been in place, and where our lives have been so thoroughly integrated with wireless technology that to suggest it might be a problem—maybe, eventually, a very big public-health problem—is like saying our shoes might be killing us.”

Vitale dove head first into research, poring over every reputable study she could find to determine the facts behind cell phone radiation and its effects on the human body.
The discoveries horrified her, especially the preliminary results found by a 2008 Interphone study sponsored by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in Lyon, France.
Studies showed a dramatic increase of tumors of the brain, parotid gland, and acoustic nerves after prolonged cell phone use. Even more worrisome to Vitale was learning that not only were adults affected by cell phone radiation, but even those near them, namely infants and small children.

Such discoveries prompted Vitale to do something to protect her customers and other cell phone users, so she created Shield Me Cases, anti-radiation cases which protect users from thermal, RF and ELF radiation.

Then she went one step further, giving away a Shield Me Case for free to every customer who purchases a cell phone in one of her stores.

“I want to be ahead of the curve by giving away these cases and creating awareness,” Vitale said. “If people really understood the dangers of how radiation affects a child under 5 years old, how the brain tissue gets penetrated by radiation because it's a thinner skull, every single parent would want to get this for their child.”

Finding a solution to cell phone radiation exposure and making that solution easily available was the only course of action that made sense to Vitale. “I think it’s my job to educate people and provide a solution,” she said. “It’s my give back project."

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