How Science Is Making Workouts More Effective

By combining physiology with psychology and sociology, modern gyms are finding ways to produce superior results for those looking to get in better shape.

Over the next month more treadmills and home exercise equipment will be sold in the United States than during any other time of the year. Whether it is because of well-meaning Christmas requests or the guilt laden New Year’s resolution, this is the time people invest in machines designed to get them into better shape. As far too many Americans know, January’s new treadmill can often become February’s eyesore. Science is confirming what gym owners and personal trainers have known for decades, the key to better fitness is not found in the spare bedroom.

Shayna Dyson, owner of Fitness Lab – A New Braunfels Gym, explains that the modern gyms are utilizing sociology as much as physiology to help their clients achieve results. She contends that the key to a successful workout regimen can be found in three key areas:

1)Accountability- Even with the best of intentions, workout regimens fail when no one is keeping track. While spending a large sum on equipment is seen as a motivating factor, that motivation is often finished before the credit card bill is paid off. Looking to a spouse or close friend for accountability puts them in an awkward position as well.

2)Encouragement- Without encouragement during a workout, it becomes easy to take a break when fatigue sets in. This is the time when one’s body is seeing the greatest benefits. Exercise does not have a visible “finish line” so it is difficult for someone on their own to determine when to rest and when to push on.

3)Confidence- Every person who walks into a gym or begins using exercise equipment faces the same question, “Am I doing this right?” This little bit of doubt grows as fatigue begins to set in. Feeling uncertain about using the right technique, the right number of repetitions, or even working out the right muscles can derail a workout regimen long before the results are visible.

Modern gyms account for these three criteria by creating an environment that is nothing like the weight rooms of the past. In fact, walking through the door of Dyson’s New Braunfels, TX gym makes one wonder if they went in the right door. The sound of muscle bound men lifting heavy metal weights has been replaced by high tempo music. In the front of the room an instructor is feeding encouragement to the group and offering advice on technique to newer students.

Dyson explains, “Study after study has shown that workouts are more effective in a group environment. We utilize the techniques that science has shown to be most beneficial and combine them with the motivating power of a group dynamic.” Looking around the room makes the results apparent. The students are encouraging each other with high fives after class. The room is notably devoid of the muscle bound, but filled with as many as three generations. When asked, Dyson provides this explanation, “We have clients of all ages and fitness levels. Whether it is the new mother looking to drop her baby weight or the grandfather who wants to be able to keep up with his grandkids, we all come here to inspire each other.” This is something that a home treadmill will never be able to do.

Fitness Lab is located in New Braunfels, TX and offers classes designed for students of all fitness levels. Fitness Lab creates results combining proven scientific methods and the power of a group dynamic.

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