How Pop Culture Pervades All Aspects of Modern Life

Popular culture is the peoples' culture that dominates the mainstream mass media and can be then expressed in a style of dress, spoken slang or language, and even foods that are eaten. It is widely accepted that popular culture is thus subject to change and development as society changes. In recent times the changes have begun to happen a lot faster and more intensely based on our technological advancement and the shrinking of the global village in the cloud.

The massive growth of social media is one of the main reasons that pop culture has become as international as it has and is now viewed as a shared construct that now affects all aspects of modern life. It was a concept and a culture that was predominantly spread by the younger working population, who had the 'style' and the money to live it. This has changed somewhat, and now anybody of any age is able to influence and adapt to popular culture as long as they have the requisite number of followers behind them. It is thus a concept defined and determined on social media and online that then influences many other aspects of modern life.

Global events drive mass popular culture

Events such as Comic Con, which encapsulates and includes people from all over the world, have been one of the biggest means of entrenching the comic culture and making it part of popular culture.

TV shows

There are Television shows that were part of our modern popular culture, and although these are no longer on the television or even watched, some have remained central to pop culture. Memes, shortened clips, and excerpts are now broadcast instead online for another generation who may not have watched it to understand why Dallas and JR is considered a part of our popular culture.

Computer games and online entertainment

Prior to the rise of online gaming, there were certain computer games such as Super Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong that were part of popular culture for an older generation, and some of these maintained their position. However, with the rise of online gaming and entertainment, the games that are now played can be played on a wider basis and by people from across the globe, widening popular culture like never before. A glowing example is the online casino sector, wherein you can now find people from Canada to Ireland and beyond playing the same slot machines and card games at places like


There are musical scores and music videos that become part of popular culture on a regular basis. They flit in and out of popularity, and the ones that remain are considered greatest hits. The rise of MTV was the first way that music became part of popular culture and was able to be shared across the world. Spotify is doing the same, but in a much more suave and specific way as playlists are shared and adapted to suit people across the globe.

Popular culture does indeed pervade all aspects of modern life; however, the internet has made such culture a more shared and global event, meaning that it is now more popular than ever before, with more people buying in. On the contrary, there has also been a means to find and explore fewer mainstream cultures online, and smaller tribes are springing up related to more niche activities and cultures.

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