How One Mum Is About to Upset the Billion-Dollar Baby Wipes Industry

Baby Bum Shower is on a mission to shake up the baby industry by reducing the use of baby wipes. The on-the-go soap solution helps parents change nappies while reducing waste.

Baby Bum Shower brings parents and guardians a new product to add to their baby bag. It makes it possible to change nappies without the use of wet wipes, reducing waste for a more eco-friendly change.

Baby Bum Shower is the latest product from Skin Health Science and its founder Jess Whalley. As a registered nurse for eleven years and a mother of two, Whalley wanted to find an environmentally-friendly alternative to wet wipes that was easy to use. The idea came to Whalley when she needed to change her niece's nappy in the back of her car. She quickly realised that she needed to use many wipes and had no easy way to wash her hands after. Baby Bum Shower is the solution that she came up with.

The product is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand. Made from silicone, it creates a soft spray of soap and water when gentle pressure is applied to it. Easy to use and control, it offers a natural way to clean up babies when changing their nappies. It cuts down on waste, making it a more eco-friendly solution compared to wet wipes. Baby Bum Shower is designed in Australia and Australian-owned, both boosting hygiene and protecting the environment simultaneously.

Baby Bum Shower estimates that for each baby, at least 2,190 wipes are disposed of each year, making it 2.8 billion wipes globally. Using Baby Bum Shower as an alternative to wipes makes it possible to reduce waste and save money, removing the need to buy, carry, and dispose of wet wipes. Improved hygiene is also a major benefit of the Baby Bum Shower, helping to create cleaner hands and therefore reduce instances of diarrhoea and other health problems caused by poor hygiene. There is no direct contact between the Baby Bum Showe and the baby, which further helps to maintain hygiene. The product can help to reduce instances of UTI and nappy rash through improvements to hygiene.

"Baby Bum Shower is an innovative ergonomic device designed to efficiently clean babies' bottoms on the go, by giving access to soap and water for anyone, anywhere, anytime. For parents who need to change their babies' nappies, whether at home or on holidays, Baby Bum Shower allows you to have full confidence in your daily hygiene, environmental waste is reduced, and of course, this saves money!" says Whalley.

In addition to offering a useful solution to parents and carers, the Baby Bum Wash is also a hygienic product for use in hospitals and other clinical environments.

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