How much are you paying for Apple logo?

Do you wake up in the morning admiring the Rolex logo on your wrist watch? Or the Starbucks sign as you exit their drive-through? Do you sense a certain pride while striding through downtown with a Nordstrom bag, regardless of where its’ contents came from? And how conscious are you of the sign on your windbreaker yelling “Nike!” to the world? Do you thrive on brand names? Only certain ones? How do you pick and choose your favorite brands? Or is it really all about the product?

Perhaps the biggest controversy is regarding our beloved Apple. Yes, I’m referring to that cryptic silhouette of the apple fruit less one bite. Up until a few years ago, Apple was just a company creating good quality product. Suddenly, they became an internationally recognized brand whose logo stickers people were displaying on all and any flat surface, including their cars. How did this happen? Did Apple acquire super loyal fans? Or is this just a reaction to effective Apple advertisement? In today’s media-centered world, we understand the importance of brand awareness. When new product is created, how are we to know unless it is advertised, right?

But could it be we are paying too much for just a logo?

Let’s take, for example, the most recent stir over the Apple iPad case. As you recall, in the midst of iPad mania, Apple introduced a foldable case. The price tag? $80.00.

At the same time, Invellop (who?) was offering a similar iPad case with four sections on the front, plus full back protection, for a reasonable $19.99. While both cases look the same when worn on the iPad, the Invellop case is loaded with more features than the Apple one, and is available in 13 different colors, compared to a few basic hues from Apple. The only issue appears to be the missing Apple logo. Hm… The verdict? Well, nicely put: you can buy four iPad cases from Invellop for the price of one from Apple. Not-so-nicely-put? That Apple logo on your case is costing you $60.00, my friend.

Did you know that’s how much you’re paying for the logo?

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