How Brands Can Use Amazon Live to Generate Product Clicks

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Amazon is arguably one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. For anyone looking to set up a business online, Amazon is an ideal location to begin. With over 300 million active users on the site, the e-commerce platform is a goldmine for anyone willing to venture into selling products online. While getting customers is not always easy, Amazon’s latest addition to its services, Amazon Live, can help skyrocket your sales and business to the top.

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What Is Amazon Live? 

Similar to other live feature options on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Amazon has incorporated the same capabilities to its site. Amazon Live allows a brand to connect with potential customers in real-time. Through the connections and instant interactions, you can showcase your products to would-be customers in a pleasing and entertaining way.

There are tons of active users visiting Amazon at any time. Once you go live, users can access your live video. The video is available on the Amazon App or the web version of the store. This allows you to present your products and services to many Amazon shoppers, helping you boost sales and bring in more revenue. If you have tried different marketing strategies without positive results, this would be a good strategy to put your business on the map in 2020.

Why Do I Need Amazon Live for My Business?

Unlike other marketing strategies, Amazon Live is one of the best methods to present your products to buyers. Why? Live video streaming allows you to demonstrate the product firsthand and show viewers how to use it. Many users do not have time to scroll through the product page and read each of the features on your product listing. Compressing all this information into a video will enable you to effectively communicate and reach out to vast audiences.

A brief overview of the product accompanied by a demonstration helps you present your brand more attractively and grab the shopper’s attention. Live interaction helps you to answer any questions, queries, or feedback as well as concerns that potential customers may have. Most buyers are skeptical about trying out new brands or new products because it is difficult to verify a product’s features based on just the listing online.

Assuring them and showcasing the features before they purchase the item clears these doubts. As a plus, you get to relate with your potential customers and create a good rapport with them. Message delivery and excellent communication skills are vital. Approach this as a business pitch to an investor who is willing to invest millions of dollars in your brand.

How To Livestream Successfully

Getting hands-on with livestreaming on Amazon can be hard at first. If you have never hosted a live video on the platform, here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you use the tool successfully.

Ensure You a Have Stable Internet Connection 

Checking your connection status is the first step. Confirm that the internet can allow you to seamlessly stream without any interruptions.

Use Practice Mode

Amazon allows you to practice live video features. With Amazon practice mode, you can go live, but shoppers will not be able to see the video. Here, you can check the connection status and audio quality of the video. Remember to turn off practice mode once you have finished.

Add Products and Eye-Catching Titles

Add a unique title to your livestream. It should appeal to your target audience and should be optimized using appropriate keywords as per the product description guide for Amazon products. Once the stream is live, you can gradually and strategically add products just below the video in the order of your preference. 

The products will show below the video, allowing users to access them easily. The first product will visible to many viewers; note that you can edit the order of appearance using the pencil icon.  However, you cannot delete or add any items once you go live.

Make Use of Banner Messages 

Include customized messages in your livestream. The notes will be displayed as banners during the live video and are limited to only 60 characters. If you have any promotions, deals, and discounts, include them in the banner messages. A viewer will be able to click and add it to their Amazon account. The contents of the messages cannot be edited or changed.

Schedule Your Amazon Livestream

Scheduling a livestream notifies shoppers that a live video will happen at a specific time. The scheduled stream will also be listed on upcoming livestreams on Amazon Live. You do not have to schedule Amazon Live videos, but we advise that you do this. You will be able to share the livestream link on other platforms to boost the viewership.

Interact with the Viewers

Take time to respond to any questions or comments once you go live. A chat feature is available on the Amazon Live Creator app. You can reply to users on the same element. Send a message when the video starts to alert viewers that you can chat.

How to Use Amazon Live Effectively

As we have mentioned before, Amazon Live is a new marketing opportunity for brands selling on the platform. A handful of brands are using it, and if you have not started yet, we strongly advise you to do so. You can use Amazon Live along with other advertising and marketing approaches. A successful business maximizes all possible revenue generation channels. 

To set up your live video stream, you will use the Amazon Live Creator app. Amazon Live and the creator app are available only to professional sellers who are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry. For this reason, you should make sure your business meets the Brand Registry requirements before deciding to try the service. 

To begin streaming, you will need to sign in into the Creator App through one of the following accounts:

Vendor Central Login

Seller Central

Brand Registry

Ensure that you have registered through one of the above. Enter your credentials and login to the app. The video will be available in different places. Some of the places include your product page and any other Amazon pages that active users will visit. The video or the live stream is also available on the Amazon Live page. On this page, potential customers can view livestream videos of their products of interest. There are videos of recorded livestreams on the page as well.

Users can also view your video on Amazon Live if you use the creator app to livestream. Note that there is no time limit on the video and you can livestream for as long as possible. One of the advantages of longer livestreams is that you get a broad audience reach. Amazon gives you room to stream as many times as possible. The length of the videos, as well as the number of times you go live per week, is solely dependent on you. 

Livestreaming is a tool that enables you to boost product sales through Amazon product clicks. More streams per week equal higher viewership, which translates to more buyers and increased revenue.

The feature also helps you get brand visibility to hundreds of thousands of shoppers on Amazon and interact with them one-on-one. Get as creative as you can with your video and incorporate demonstrations, as well as Q&A sessions.

The livestream is free of charge for any seller. However, you can pay a small amount to boost your video so that it is shown in more places across the platform.

Amazon Live Equals More Product Clicks and More Revenue

Amazon Live is a unique marketing feature created by Amazon to revolutionize how brands interface with customers on its platform. If you are looking for a modern and exceptional marketing tool, the livestream option is highly recommended. Setting up and getting started may be hectic at first, but we can assure you that it will be worth every minute.

Whether you’re an established brand or a new seller, Amazon Posting can help you make the most of your business. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

The post How Brands Can Use Amazon Live to Generate Product Clicks appeared first on prReach Blog.

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