How Basketball influenced a culture: A short story on the rise of Gary Chivichyan

Kárren Gary Chivichyan, Alias Gary Chivichyan, is the only Armenian NCAA Division 1 Basketball player. Chivichyan currently plays for the Pacific Tigers of the WCC conference. Chivichyan is one of the best shooters in college basketball and an inspiration to the Armenian community.

Sheer determination, work ethic, and persistence have Gary Chivichyan’s name in the record books. What first seemed to be unattainable for an Armenian athlete in the sport of basketball, Chivichyan has broken boundaries and instilled himself as one of the best Armenian Basketball players in history. Chivichyan is ranked 4th in three-point field goals made in Idaho State University of the Big Sky Conference; He ranks consistently in the top 50 in NCAA Division 1 basketball in three-point field goal percentage, efficiency, and true shooting percentages.

Chivichyan’s father Gokor Chivichyan is a United States Hall of Fame fighter, successful entrepreneur and an idol for many Armenians. He has trained the likes of Ronda Rousey, Gerard Mousasi, Karo Parisyan and many more.His elder brother, Arthur Chivichyan is a ranked judoka and a social entrepreneur. Chivichyan who witnessed the impact his family has made, Is aware of how his achievements will affect the growth of basketball and collaboration in the Armenian Community.

Basketball scouts often overlooked Chivichyan in his high school career; he was considered frail, to slow, and incapable of playing on the division 1 level. With a constant chip on his shoulder, Chivichyan worked hard to prevail amongst the competition. Chivichyan showed incredible resilience and toughness to deal with challenging situations and doubters.He increasingly became more self-aware and knew what it took to thrive in a cutthroat environment. These experiences and knowledge are part of what makes Chivichyan valuable to his current team, the youth, and the Armenian culture.

Chivichyan has inspired Armenian youth to be more confident and to participate in competitive sports. He is the voice and role model for the growing influx of Armenian athletes who inspire to succeed in their respective paths. Chivichyan's influence has affected youth, both in the United States and Armenia. In his offseason, Chivichyan travels throughout the United States and abroad to speak to large audiences about his early struggles and his continued rise in basketball.

The Republic of Armenia officially recognized Gary Chivichyan as an honorary citizen due to his influence on the subject of sports. Chivichyan's growing presence and breakthrough in College basketball have put him into a position to make a difference in hundreds and thousands of family's lives.

Chivichyan, who is approaching a 1000 points in his college career and playing his final season for the Pacific Tigers, coached by former NBA Veteran and rookie of the year Damon Stoudamire, will continue to play basketball as a professional. Chivichyan is eligible to declare for the NBA draft along with chasing professional opportunities overseas. "I am very thankful for all of the experiences and challenges I have had throughout my career so far; It has helped me build character and courage. I inspire to continue to share this reality with youth and help them overcome any obstacles they may face. I thank God for my accomplishments and struggles which has carved my way into affecting others positively"- Gary Chivichyan

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