Hovertronix Provides Riders with Safe Hoverboard Products.

Company has always placed safe products in the market.

Hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter consisting of two motorized wheels connected to a pair of articulated pads on which the rider places their feet. The rider controls the speed by leaning forwards or backwards and direction of travel by twisting the pads. When it comes to Hoverboard people consider Hovertronix since it offers the safest hoverboard sold online. For them nothing is more important than rider safety. For that exact reason Hovertronix only sells UL certified hoverboards. The UL certification is the new standard for hoverboard manufacturing process and unlike some companies that only certified some of their hoverboards, Hovertronix makes sure that every single hoverboard product sold on this website is UL certified.

Technologically strong products are the first choice of modern people and the company’s products are really an up to date new age hoverboards with full security. One can connect the Hovertronix hoverboard easily with the Bluetooth connectivity of a Smartphone and their Bluetooth speakers are powered by Samsung. The company has trendy hoverboards like TREK-X & DRIFR-X, GLIDE & GLIDE X, Hovercart and Electric Skateboard which are coming with LED lights and bright metallic colors.

The company also provides the adjustable Hoverkart attachment to transform one hoverboard into a hoverkar. It takes the hoverboard to a whole new level. It allows the user to use their hoverboard while sitting down on it. No matter what type of board one owns, this changes it into a stunning go-kart complete with footrest and control levers on each side of the seat for navigating your newly transformed ride. The newest addition to their products is their electric skateboard which uses the latest in electric skateboard technology.

Hovertronix promises the safest certified hoverboard on the market adhering to the hoverboard safety guidelines. They meet the highest quality control standards including the use of genuine Samsung lithium ion batteries and certified chargers with one year warranty on their products. The company uses AlNiCo magnets that helps to increase wheel stability more than just simple added weights. Their magnets and wheels are tied directly into their stability control circuit board. This means that the hoverboard automatically adjusts to help provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible and also the safest and unique hoverboard wheels on the Hovertronics Self Balancing Scooter.

The company gives free shipping facility to the customers on all its distinguished and varied products along with adequate technical support and one year warranty so that the buyers may have the best possible purchasing experience. Hovertronix is actually a leading company of Hoverboards and they offer high quality products to the customers. The company gives awesome latest products to the customers that rarely overheat, spark, catch fire or smoke and come with inbuilt Bluetooth speakers.

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