Hoverboard Fires Continue As Dishonest Companies Neglect Safety Concerns To Maximize Profits

Hoverboard manufacturers are willing to neglect the safety of their consumers by using cheaply made parts that aren't rated for use with motorized scooters

Hoverboards, the self balancing smart scooters that exploded in popularity last Christmas are still exploding in 2016, but not in a good way. With a large increase in demand for the popular devices, some manufacturer's overseas have chosen to go the route of using cheaply made components in their boards, which is resulting in fire safety hazards for many unsuspecting families around the globe that are lured in by the cheap prices only to discover that the product is unsafe, defective, and could potentially catch fire while it is being used.

There are a variety of different companies who are manufacturing these products, and a lot of them are using lower quality components in order to save on manufacturing costs and increase profits. Most of these unethical sellers were selling the boards on auction sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon until they banned them earlier this year in an attempt to salvage the problem of boards catching fire within days of purchasing them. Over 40 fires were reported over the course of a few months, which sent shockwaves through the industry, and bans to be put in place in airports and college campuses in almost every major city in America.

The problem with these boards, one news source reports, is that the cheap imitation batteries don't have a special fuse protection circuit that is built it to prevent it from overheating when it gets too hot during periods of long use. There has also been mention of lower quality chargers that malfunction, so even if there's not a problem with the hoverboard itself, the charger could still potentially create an issue.

The only solution is to buy certified, safe hoverboards that use official Samsung Lithium Ion batteries that have the built in fuses to protect the boards from overheating when being used constantly for several hours on end. The cheaper models of hoverboards, like the ones seized at the Chicago warehouse, don't have the necessary safety components to prevent the boards from overheating, and therefore have been labelled as fire hazards, and have been banned from a long list of college campuses and airports around the country.

It has also been reported that there are many online retailers who are selling hoverboards for under $300, and these are all most likely low quality products, as the official Samsung batteries that are rated for use with motorized scooters cost $100 each, and that's just for the battery cell alone, no components for the actual hoverboard itself.

One report suggests that an extremely popular daughter's birthday gift over the past year has been the Pink Hoverboard. These Pink Hoverboard Segway scooters come in two different motor speeds: the 300 watt and the 350 watt. The 350 watt motor is capable of reaching higher speeds, and handles corners a bit smoother when compared to the 300 watt model. New trends in hoverboard manufacturing are likely to emerge in the coming months, as more competitors enter the marketplace and launch their latest products for hungry consumers. Hover Board Stop plans on launching some new models of 6.5" bluetooth hoverboards this year, and each board is backed with a 1 year warranty program for their customers, which allows them to purchase with complete peace of mind.

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