Houzeo launches Counter Offer feature allowing FSBO home sellers to send counter offer proposals.

Houzeo.com is set to rattle the real estate market with its newly launched “Counter-Offer” feature, which allows home sellers to send counter offer proposals to buyer agents and buyers. This makes Houzeo the only real estate website to allow sellers access to this key tool available exclusively to agents before this.

Houzeo.com, the most advanced for sale by owner platform, has established itself as one of the more dominant players in the real estate market – especially when it comes to Flat Fee MLS Listing Service and FSBO home selling. Houzeo has just announced enhancements to its popular “Offers” feature. The enhancements now allow home sellers the ability to counter an offer that they have received for their property. Before Houzeo brought this innovation within a few clicks of every home seller’s reach, this ability was restricted only to licensed real estate agents.

Houzeo’s new Counter Offer feature allows the Houzeo Offers platform to be a much more rounded one. The Houzeo Offers platform already allows home sellers to review and compare offers on important aspects. Sellers can view their offers side-by-side, hide and unhide offers, and move them around to more effectively compare two or more offers on all their merits. The US real estate market is experiencing historically low levels of inventory, resulting in several properties receiving multiple offers. These features allow home sellers to maximize their returns.

The “Offers” platform was first made available in November 2020 to Flat Fee MLS Texas and Flat Fee MLS Illinois home sellers, but now it is slowly being rolled out to the 37 states that Houzeo currently covers. With its latest addition of the Counter offer feature, once a buyer or a buyer’s agent submits an offer on Houzeo, the seller can review the offer and if they so wish, the seller can counter it. The Counter Offer feature allows home sellers to request the buyer’s agent to modify exactly the parts of the offer they would like to change. If the buyer agrees to the counter offer proposal, their team can just revise the offer contract and resubmit it for the seller to review.

Houzeo CEO, Amit Dhameja, said the Counter Offer feature is another example of how Houzeo is listening to its home sellers in the company’s bid to simplify the complexities in a real estate transaction. “Increasingly, our home sellers were reaching out to us saying we’ve received this offer, but how do we counter it? This enhancement gives them an easy way to accept the parts of the offer they like, while requesting changes to the clauses they don’t” Dhameja said.

Glen Cornwell, a licensed real estate broker in Virginia, Michigan, Georgia, and North Carolina, said Houzeo has made selling a house by an owner much simpler by allowing home sellers access to processes that only real estate agents could do before this. “Digitization is really the future of home buying and selling, and I am very bullish on Houzeo with the way they are approaching these innovations. The Counter Offer feature is just another example of how Houzeo is listening to its users and simplifying complex real estate processes using technology.” Cornwell said.

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