Houston Top Social Media Management and Coaching Agency Pivot during COVID-19

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A local company in Houston has responded to the COVD-19 shutdown by offering free advice on how small businesses can pivot during his time of crisis to see continued success.

COVID-19 has brought some significant changes to the world. Across the US, businesses were shutting down, and people were forced to stay at home. Texas joined the many states following these orders in mid-March, signaling a shutdown in the local economy. This caused concern for many local businesses and entrepreneurs, many of which had no way of generating a source of income for the foreseeable future.

In response to this, Media Jasmin - a local social media management company in Houston - realized the need to adapt. They instantly changed their social media messaging and began offering free webinars for business owners in the area. This allowed small companies to gain vital advice on how to continue serving customers during these troubled times.

Free Advice From Social Media Experts
The switch to free webinars was seen as something of a pivot for Media Jasmin. It’s not something the company offered before, but it proved to be incredibly helpful amidst the shutdown. Right away, many local businesses started seeking out guidance on how to use social media to promote themselves at a time like this, finding ways to gain new customers.

Part of the coaching also revolved around the need to pivot offerings and do something different. Media Jasmin saw how much this benefit themselves and encouraged other businesses to adopt a similar mindset. In doing so, it opened up new avenues for local entrepreneurs to make money and keep customers happy.

As a result, Media Jasmin has helped numerous businesses prepare social media strategies and understand the best steps to take in these difficult times. Loads of local enterprises are hungry for information, and this social media management agency is more than happy to feed them.

A Cake & Cookie Success Story
One of the businesses that came to Media Jasmin for advice was a local company that made cakes and cookies. The owner was struggling to get orders during COVID-19, so Media Jasmin came up with a way to pivot her offerings and keep the business afloat. This included Zoom Cake and Cookie Classes for Kids, which turned into a huge success. Lots of kids and families tuned in to bake via Zoom, keeping the business connected to the customer.

About Media Jasmin
Media Jasmin is a social media management and business coaching agency based in Houston. It was founded by Jasmin Augustin, who is a three-time award-winning Digital Strategist. Her most recent award came in 2019, where she won the Home-Based Business Champion of the Houston Region - awarded to her by the Small Business Administration. She’s committed to helping small businesses achieve their potential and enjoy as much success as possible. This is reflected in the innovative services on offer by Media Jasmin. The switch to free coaching during a global pandemic is the latest in a long line of examples showing how quickly the company adapts to clients' needs.

For more information, please contact Carlos Hernandez via email: carlos@carlosahernandez.com or telephone: 2819445613. The Media Jasmin website can be viewed here: https://www.mediajasmin.com/.

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