Houston Real Estate Property Manager C. Jerry Ta Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Houston Real Estate Property Manager, C. Jerry Ta, is featured in the new book, “Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team.” The book recently reached #1 on three Amazon Best Seller Lists.

“Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team” reached #1 on Amazon.com’s Best Seller List in the Real Estate, Buying and Selling Homes and Real Estate Investments categories on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. 

The book was compiled from interviews and the experiences of top real estate investing consultants in the Houston, Texas area on the specific and powerful topic of creating a real estate investment business. Each contributing author has spent years helping new and seasoned real estate investors, not just with practical advice on how to have a real estate investing business, but providing actual services so that investors can use their time and money in more practical ways.

In this book, Ta, a property manager with Property Care Houston, discusses how he helps landlords and investors step away from managing their properties. He details many of the day-to-day services that his company provides for their clients. Most importantly, Ta shares many of the mistakes that first-time landlords make as they try to build their rental property portfolio to build wealth and passive income.

According to Ta, “The first mistake a lot of investors make is they do not hire a real estate agent or some kind of leasing professional to identify a qualified tenant here when leasing out their properties. You can easily rent out a property within one day in Houston, however, finding a good qualified tenant is the difficult part and it involves being able to advertise and market the property, find potential tenants, and properly screen the potential tenants. A lot of investors do not want to pay a commission for leasing services and they try to take on that process on their own from the start.”

He details issues such as how to screen for a good tenant and whether or not to raise the rent when a lease comes up for renewal. He also shares his opinions on the pros and cons of having a tenant pay for part of a repair.

As a property management company, Ta explains how his company handles the many issues that come up and how much or how little he involves the property owner in his decisions. His goal is for the owner to have as little involvement as possible. In addition, his ability to have relationships with different trades allows him to keep repair costs down for property owners.

Ta also explains the legal issues surrounding a security deposit and how his company handles the eviction process. Basically, the landlord does not even need to be involved in the eviction process because Property Care Houston will handle everything that needs to be done.

Ta presents a good argument for any landlord to hand over the keys and have peace of mind, more time and the ability to use their time in more fruitful ways.

For more information about C. Jerry Ta, visit: http://PropertyCareHouston.com

“Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Z959WQ4.

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