Houston Real Estate Investment and Construction Consultant Brant Phillips Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Houston Real Estate Investment, Construction and Education Consultant, Brant Phillips, is featured in the new book, “Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team.” The book recently reached #1 on three Amazon Best Seller Lists.

“Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team” reached #1 on Amazon.com’s Best Seller List in the Real Estate, Buying and Selling Homes and Real Estate Investments categories on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. 

The book was compiled from interviews and the experiences of top real estate investing consultants in the Houston, Texas area on the specific and powerful topic of creating a real estate investment business. Each contributing author has spent years helping new and seasoned real estate investors, not just with practical advice on how to have a real estate investing business, but providing actual services so that investors can use their time and money in more practical ways.

Brant Phillips started out wanting to escape the corporate rat race and build his personal wealth using real estate investment strategies. As he worked his way through the steep learning curve that everyone experiences in the beginning, his expertise and his reputation for quality construction work spread throughout the Houston, Texas area.

Phillip’s company, Invest Home Pro, now serves both first-time real estate investors, as well as seasoned investment pros, in capacities far beyond the construction services he has always offered. Phillips advocates using a team approach to help bring a real estate project to fruition. His company can provide the services of a ready-made real estate team – or he can coach investors on building their own team.

In the book, Phillips shares, “One of the first things I do with the students I work with to alleviate a lot of that pressure is by convincing them to start with just one. All we need to focus on right now is that first deal. And then, in order to work on that first deal, let’s find the first team member and then the second team member and the third team member.

Building your team and Building your business by taking one deal at a time, one step at a time. It’s similar to a marathon, which is 26 miles, but it starts with just one step. And that’s all we focus on.”

An indisputable expert in the real estate market, Phillips provides construction, investment and educational services, as needed, to help others build the life of their dreams.

For more information about Brant Phillips, visit: http://brantphillips.com

For more information about Invest Home Pro, visit: http://investhomepro.com

“Houston Real Estate Investors Dream Team” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Z959WQ4.

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