Houston Personal Trainer Launches Takedown Challenge To Create Maximum Weight Loss In 28 Days

Body3 Personal Fitness Center is launching a brand new, person-centered system for weight loss called the Takedown Challenge that takes just 28 days to complete, the challenge begins on Friday, May 15th.

Losing weight is a goal for a huge number of people, especially now that summer is coming and people want to get in the best shape. Dieting successfully can be difficult however, and with so many products on offer it can be difficult to know where to start. Expert advice in this respect is invaluable, and now, individuals can benefit from an expertly formulated diet tailored to their individual needs. Body3 Personal Fitness has just announced the Takedown Challenge, which will help people drop 5-10% of their body weight in just one month. The Takedown Challenge was created and trademarked by Carolyn Fetters of the Training Spot.

The 28-day nutrition weight loss challenge will tell people exactly what to eat, how much to eat and how often to eat. The nutrition program is designed to be calibrated to each individual’s weight loss goals and needs. Step by step guides will walk people through how to prepare delicious and varied meals using everyday ingredients and basic cooking techniques.

To celebrate the launch of the Takedown Challenge, Body3 Personal Fitness is offering Early Bird rates of $197 for the first fifty spots. This presents the perfect opportunity for people to take the guess work out of their nutrition program and finally get the body they have dreamed of.

A spokesperson for Body3 Personal Fitness Center explained, “The Takedown Challenge is not just a diet, it’s an event. What’s more, it requires nothing but strict adherence from those who take up the challenge to a formula that will be created for them. As such, if people stick to the plan we lay out for them they will get guaranteed results. The Takedown Challenge offers people a loss of 5-10% of their body weight in a single month. There are free work outs, hikes and seminars included, and an initial and final evaluation to help set people up for success in the challenge and beyond.”

About Body3 Personal Fitness: Body3 Personal Fitness is a team of dedicated personal trainers in Houston Tx. who are committed to helping people achieve their goals through dedicated small group and personal training fitness classes. They can help individuals and groups increase their fitness, lose weight, build muscle or prepare for specific goals like races and events. The team have developed the Takedown Challenge to help people lose the maximum weight possible in just 28 days.

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