Houston Mayor Annise Parker Proclaims Push Ups For Charity Day 2015

Body3 Personal Fitness Center hosted the 2015 Push Ups for Charity event on July 13th, 2015 to support the needs of active military personnel, wounded warriors, and veterans in need of help.

When people engage in activities to increase their fitness, their cause is usually personal – greater aesthetic beauty or increased capacity for sports and activities. However, people work best when they work for a cause that is greater than themselves. Harnessing this truth, Body3 Personal Fitness Center helped their clients get the best results while at the same time helping a good cause, by hosting the 2015 Push Ups For Charity day.

The Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, created a proclamation that June 13th 2015 was Pushups For Charity Day, owner of Body3 Personal Fitness Center Tom Jackobs put their state of the art fitness center forward to host the event. Their clients as well as members of the public were then sponsored to raise money for veterans, active personnel and wounded warriors by completing their own personal push up challenge, with all the proceeds going to charity.

So far, the program has raised $122,658 in 2015, and Body3 Personal Fitness is looking to help them move closer toward their million dollar goal, with 61 days left until the campaign is completed on August 16th. Individuals simply need to complete as many pushups as possible in 90 seconds, meaning anyone can contribute.

A spokesperson for Body3 Personal Fitness Center explained, “We made amazing contributions on June 13th, but the campaign is not over and we will continue to host anyone looking to fundraise for the cause until their campaign ends in the middle of August. The charity has raised lots of money so far, but with almost nine hundred thousand left to go, we, the people of Houston and throughout America still have a long way to go to provide grants to military personnel past and present, to help them live the lives they deserve for their service.”

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