Houston Author’s Novel About A Child With Down Syndrome Goes Viral And Becomes A #1 Amazon Best Seller

Houston-based author, Keven Card, reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller Lists in the Down Syndrome and Children’s Health categories, with his self-published book 321 Down Street.

Houston-based author, Keven Card, wrote the book, 321 Down Street, and self-published it in April of this year.

It’s a fictional story about a couple that learns their soon to be born son has Down syndrome. Their relationship initially struggles, then grows stronger because of it. Despite receiving highly rated reviews, sales for the book remained modest for several months.

However, on Monday, June 22nd, 2015, that changed. The special needs community on Facebook started buying the book and sharing it with their followers. It quickly went viral and became an Amazon Best Seller later that same day, reaching #1 in the Down Syndrome category.

Card, who has a son with Down syndrome, was humbled by the experience. He expressed hope that the book gets into hand of all parents that receive a similar diagnosis.

“As parents of children born with chromosomal birth defects, most of us grieve the loss of a child that never existed. While also feeling guilty for grieving. Nearly every parent who receives this diagnosis experiences it in varying ways. But along the way we discover that our sons and daughters have a purpose and can achieve their own God given destinies,” stated Card.

The book is the story of a couple, Sara and Jacob, that get the news that their baby will be born with Down syndrome. It threatens to destroy their marriage and their lives as their world suddenly spins out of control.

They each go on a pathway of self-discovery and by the end of the book, discover that their baby wasn’t created by mistake, but in fact by design.

Card explained, “The world sees our kids as handicapped, incapable of a normal. Truth is; our son, John-Michael, is the best thing I never knew I always wanted.”

As a motivational speaker and life trainer, Card utilizes his own life experiences and personal faith to help others to face and conquer their challenges.

“321 Down Street” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/321-Down-Street-Keven-Card-ebook/dp/B00V0WZWSW.

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