Housewraps Market: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025

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Global Housewraps Market

Housewrap is generally known as a synthetic material, that is used as weather-resistant barrier. Global house wrap market is growing as people are now more conscious in constructing durable buildings. These housewraps protects the building from rain, air, and other deteriorating factors, enhancing its durability. It also provides insulation to the building, cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thus increasing the energy efficiency. The materials used for housewrapping are mainly synthetic in nature with different variations and technology. Technological advancement has also helped in designing and developing better products.


Government initiatives in implementing new building safety codes have helped in increasing the demand for housewrap market. Advancement in this field have encouraged its use to grow beyond the commercial building only; it is becoming popular in residential segments as well.


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Key Players of Global Housewraps Market =>

Global Housewrap market is booming, and increased competition have motivated manufacturers to develop more efficient products to stay in the run. Major competitors in this market are DOW building solutions, EI Dupont De Nemours and Company, Alpha Pro Tech Ltd, CS Fabric International Corporation, Homeguard housewrap, Benjamin Obdyke, Owens Corning, Polymer Group Inc, Speciality Coating & Laminating, Raven Industries, and many others.




The global housewraps market is growing owing to its increased use in house repairing or to develop weatherproofing construction method. The market has a vast range of products, so it requires an in-depth analysis to understand the market potential. The market has been studied by a segmentation based on product type and application for further study.

Asphalt impregnated paper or fiberglass is used as roofing material to protect from water seepage. These materials allow the inner moisture to come to the surface, however it protects the roof from water seeping in. Micro-perforated housewraps are built with thousands of tiny holes, that does not allow water seepage but increases the breathability. Short and long fabric materials are bonded together using various technologies and used to develop Spunbonded nonwoven housewraps. These wraps have higher flexibility and durability. Drainable Housewraps allows to remove excess moisture and thus prevents the building materials from the effect of rot or mold.

Housewrap market is sub-segmented into residential and commercial for ease of understanding. Commercial buildings look for durability and energy efficiency, whereas residential building in addition demand for insulation purpose as well.


Regional Analysis:

Global Housewrap market can be segmented based on geographical locations. The regions are North America, South America, Europe, Middle East & Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific (APAC).

Investment in R&D to develop better products and better infrastructural support is driving the growth in North America. Increasing awareness of building energy-efficient buildings, insulation requirements due to extreme weather conditions have fueled the demand for the housewrap market in North America and Europe. In addition, building codes are being developed and implemented to make construction that is weatherproof and possess a longer life. Asia Pacific countries are also investing in housewrap industries as demand for durable and energy-efficient constructions are on the rise.


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