House Cleaning in 2014: Why Hiring a Maid Service Becomes Homeowners Top Priority

Growing number of the US households trust their house cleaning choirs to professina cleaning services. This trend will be picking up in 2014 and there are sevaral important things that homeowners should pay a close attention to.

While everybody is trying to keep up with their New Year’s resolutions, home cleaning industry leaders discuss why more and more home owners trust their home cleaning chores to professional services.

According to Population Reference Bureau, only about seven percent of US families do not have a dual income. The majority of American households, especially those with children, now have both partners working. This modern lifestyle creates a lack of time for such things as cleaning and maintaining the house.

“Almost every one of our clients complains that they simply do not have time for their house cleaning,” said Jena Touray, VP of operations for The Maids Rhode Island. “In between work, kids’ activities, and general errands, house cleaning gets pushed to the bottom of to do list.”

This opinion is common among industry experts. Moreover, hiring a maid service becomes not just a fashionable luxury, but rather an everyday necessity. However, some people are still cautious about letting a cleaning service into their home and trusting them with the property. There is nothing to worry about if anyone hire the right type of service, said Touray.

To educate their clients on what to pay attention to when making the decision to hire a cleaning company, Thomas W. Bowles Jr., owners of a prominent Cape Cod area cleaning service, created a list of things that are important in ensuring clients’ safety and satisfaction.

“First and foremost is the company’s insurance policy. If it is up to date and covers all liabilities, including workers injury on the work scene, then the company is worth giving a closer look,” said Bowles. “Nobody wants to face a tough dilemma about who should be liable if a maid breaks something while performing the job – this should be the company’s priority to handle those things before they occur.”

Also, according to Bowels, it is important to know whether the company provides specific training for their employees. He stated that every area of the house needs a different approach, and, therefore, each employee should undergo separate training for each area of the home.

“Training is an essential part of The Maids hiring process,” said Kevin Marshall, who has run The Maids South Shore franchise since 1996. “Employees are only allowed to perform work in those areas that they have been certified at. This tactic insures proper cleaning and shiny results.”

Another important aspect to consider during when hiring a house cleaning company is whether the particular service is a part of a bigger network. National franchises have corporate offices standing behind them, so if issues happen to arise, the client has the option to seek a solution from the corporate office.

“Home cleaning is a daunting task for the modern-day family. It is not embarrassing to ask for help, especially if it helps to free some time for more important things in life,” concluded Bowels.

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