Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Parker, Dealer Publishes 3 Ways to Have a Healthy New Year

Parker Hot Tub and Swim Spas Dealer Publishes “Three Ways to Have a Healthy New Year”. Celebrates by Offering Local Residents Free Hot Tub Test Soaks.

IHT Spas and Fireplaces selling hot tubs, swim spas, massage chairs and fireplaces with stores in Denver, Boulder and Highlands Ranch shares, “Three Ways to Have a Healthy New Year”.

“The dawn of the New Year is a time when people often take stock of their lives and think of ways to make it better,” said Rich Hiner, president of International Hot Tub. “It is a time of anticipated benefits, and lots of wishful thinking as promises are made and vows taken.”

“Of course, most of those promises get broken as real-life takes its toll,” continued Hiner. “Instead of making traditional New Year’s resolutions, take a few minutes to think of ways that will truly have an impact on everyday life, and make living more fun, healthy and enjoyable.” Here are three ways to have a healthy New Year that are easy to incorporate into daily life without having to struggle to maintain a vow.

Make Up the Bed – Everybody probably remembers when mom told them to make their bed every morning. It’s a habit that is easy to get away from once people move out and are on their own. However, there is a valid reason to keep up with the practice. Of course, it will make a house stay neater, and be more inviting.

It gives people an inviting place to come home to at the end of a long day, and makes going to bed a pleasure at the end of the night. There’s more to it than that, however. Making the bed every morning makes it easier to get up, get started and feel good right from the get-go every day. It doesn’t seem like it should make a difference, but it can really start the day off on the right foot.

Really Eat Five and Five – The Nutrition Council has long promoted a healthy eating pattern of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. However, many people fudge the count on that, and accept far less from their meal plans. Make a habit of filling up on good, nutritious foods that include those 5/5 servings every day. People who eat more vegetables and fruits are healthier and less prone to serious illnesses.

Make Time to Relax – Everybody needs some time to unwind each day. Modern life is full of stress. It is everywhere from dealing with traffic, handling job related issues and even at home working on chores or paying bills. It is usually the little things that are annoying that add up to great pressure each day, not the big blow outs that people think are the cause of their anxieties.

Set up an area of the home that is devoted to relaxation. A hot tub in the yard or on a patio is a great addition to the home. It gives everyone a place they can congregate at any time of the day when they have time, relax and relieve the tensions of the day.

The National Sleep Foundation even suggests soaking for 30 minutes before bed to help get to sleep faster and get a better night’s rest. Hot tubs offer a variety of health benefits that people of all ages can enjoy, from pain relief to blood pressure reduction. It is a tool that not only helps people get the most out of life, but offers an exciting and fun place for family members to enjoy each other’s company.

“In an effort to help educate the public on how hot tubs and hot water hydrotherapy can help improve health and well-being, IHT will provide free hot tub test soaks at all their locations during the entire month,” said Jill Seng, marketing manager. They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

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