Hot Tubs, Swim Spas Arnolds Park Dealer Participates in Family Wellness Month

Arnolds Park Hot Tub, Fitness Pool and Swim Spa Dealer Shares 3 Easy Things to Do to Live Healthier as a Family

Hot Spring Spas of Des Moines, a hot tub, sauna and swim spa dealer serving the greater Arnolds Park, Clive and Carroll, Iowa area shares tips for family wellness.

Sean Schaben, of Hot Spring Spas of Arnolds Park says, “Wellness is about all-around lifestyle improvements from physical to mental, and emotional habits that will create a balanced way of living.” Here are three easy things to do to live healthier as a family.

Take time to de-stress as a family. Stress causes physical problems and encourages illness, but it also affects thoughts, feelings and behavior. Today’s world has a lot of stress in it, and not even the youngest members of the family are immune.

Take the time to get the entire family involved in stress reduction. Offer lots of ways to unwind at the end of the day so family members, young and old, can sleep better and make better use of their daytime hours.

Having a hot tub in the yard is a great way to create a healthy environment in the home where everyone can relax and release the stress of the day. Portable spas make perfect play areas for the whole family, and friends will love to gather around it at parties as well. Hot tubs allow people to relax without the constant fiddling with temperature regulation, and the powerful jets relieve muscle strain and joint pain as well.

Don’t skip meals especially breakfast. No matter how rushed mornings tend to be, skipping breakfast isn’t a great way to start the day. Having a healthy breakfast, even a simple breakfast bar, can set the body up for the rigors of the day and get it started right.

People often mistakenly think that they are doing their body good, encouraging it to lose weight by skipping meals. The opposite is more likely, however, as science shows that skipping meals, breakfast, or any other, signals a lack of food sources to the brain that makes it shut down and horde what calories it has consumed, turning it into fat stores so it doesn’t starve in the absence of abundant food availability.

Get to know the neighborhood. While it used to be common for kids to know and make friends in their local area, nowadays it is rare for families to spend time around the neighborhood. Take time to get to know the neighbors by getting the family together for a weekly or daily walk.

Taking a walk after dinner is a great way to encourage good digestion, get ready for a good night’s sleep, and spend quality time with family members. It’s also a great way to get to know the people around the neighborhood. Take walks to the park to have even more fun with the younger members of the family.

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