Hot Tubs Lake Oswego, Portable Spa Dealer Supports Emotional Wellness Month

Lake Oswego Hot Tubs, Swim Spas and Saunas Dealer Serving the Greater Portland Oregon Area Publishes Ways to Improve Emotional Well-Being.

Oregon Hot Tub, a 6-store hot tub, swim spa and sauna dealer serving Lake Oswego, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Wilsonville, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington is proud to share tips for emotional health.

Sue Rogers, CEO of Oregon Hot Tub says that people should seek out the best ways to reduce stress and improve their lives through better emotional health. Here are three ways to improve emotional well-being that can be incorporated into daily life all year round.

Live at the Spa – Wouldn’t it be nice to live at a spa? Well, anyone can, and it isn’t necessary to pay monthly dues or drive all over town to get to a hotel or club. It doesn’t take a lot of work to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. Simply installing a hot tub in the yard or backyard area will do wonders to provide the ambiance, comfort and relaxation of a luxury spa without the price-tag or traveling.

Just knowing that the portable spa awaits can reduce daily stress during the work or school day. Experts often suggest imagining being someplace relaxing in order to get through stressful situations. With a hot tub at home, it isn’t necessary to just imagine. People can imagine it and know it will be there when they get home.

Hot tubs are great relaxation tools. They calm the nerves while working out the tension and stress-related kinks in the muscles from the moment a person steps into the warm, soothing water. They don’t require a lot of space or expensive upkeep, and are ready any time of the day or night when they are needed.

Live in the Moment – Worry is a part of stress than people bring on themselves. Unlike other anxiety or stress caused by situations and circumstances, worry is what people imagine happening in the future. In order to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being, stop thinking about the “what if’s.” Live in the moment and deal with what is going on right now. Worrying won’t change what will happen later, and most of the time, what people imagine is far worse than anything that actually does happen.

Eat Right and Drink Lots of Water – Treat the body right and the mind will follow. Eating properly and drinking lots of water not only fuels the body, but it helps people feel physically stronger and healthier. It is better for the mind as well. Drinking lots of water hydrates the brain and promotes clearer thought and also hydrates the muscles so it is easier to deal with tension and stress.

While eating and drinking properly will go a long way to a healthier mental and physical well-being, it won’t do it alone. It is important to practice all types of stress and anxiety relief for a well-rounded emotional well-being.

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