Hot Tubs for Sale Maine, Portland Spa Dealer Participates in Healthy Aging Month

Maine Hot Tubs for Sale, Sauna and Swim Spa Dealer, Mainely Tubs, Shares Ways to Stay Healthy into Senior Years. Offers Free Hot Tub Test Soaks to Portland, Maine Residents.

Mainely Tubs, a hot tub, swim spa and saunas dealer serving Maine and New Hampshire publishes healthy aging guide, “3 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle into Senior Years.”

“As people get older, it becomes more and more challenging to stay fit and active. Yet even when healthy habits are started late in senior years, they can improve overall health,” says Jim Van Fleet, President of Mainely Tubs.

Here are three ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle into senior years.

Create a Healthy Atmosphere with a Maine Hot Tub – Health Canada qualified healthy aging as the act of optimizing opportunities to improve and preserve physical, social and mental well-being. All three of those areas are well served through the proper living conditions, and adding a hot tub to the home adds even more impact.

A hot tub is an excellent way to get the benefits of hydrotherapy that help soothe painful joints from movement injury and Osteoarthritis. Soaking in temperature regulated water is also helpful in lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure according to studies by professors at McKee University, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic.

Hot tubs and portable spas require very little care to stay in top shape, and provide a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere that makes people feel good emotionally as well as providing physical comfort. There are sizes for any area, and additional options such as stereos, lighting and even televisions to create a complete entertainment area. Even the smallest portable hot tub will do the job in creating the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle.

Stay in Close Contact with Medical Professionals – No matter how healthy a senior citizen’s lifestyle, it is important to manage existing conditions, and track progress. Adding exercise and healthy eating habits, as well as quitting smoking and heavy drinking can prevent many chronic conditions from becoming less severe, or disappearing altogether. However, it is necessary to keep doctors appraised of the situation, who can monitor all areas of health.

Look Good to Feel Better – Looking good can be as simple as standing up straight, and presenting a positive image. Simply standing with shoulders back and stomach tucked in creates a thinner, more powerful silhouette. Standing straight and tall not only presents a confident image to others, but also makes people feel better about themselves. When people feel that they look good, it shows in their appearance to others. But standing straight isn’t always easy, especially after years of slouching. Start with just a few minutes each day in front of a mirror, and gradually practice maintaining a tall posture each day.

To help consumers discover the benefits of owning a hot tub, Mainely Tubs will be providing free hot tub test soaks for the entire month.  They do recommend however that people wanting to schedule their free 30-minute wet test call them ahead of time to reserve their spot.

To learn more about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy, visit the company website.  While there, pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide, 5 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.  Just call 207-883-6357 or go to

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To learn more, pick up a copy of this free guide , 5 Hot Tub Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.  Just call 207-883-6357 or go to

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