Hot Tubs Folsom, Swim Spas Dealer Participates in Relationship Wellness Month

Jacuzzi Spas Sacramento, Swim Spas Dealer Shares “Three Simple Ways to Create a Strong Relationship”. Offers Free Hot Tub and Swim Spa Test Soaks to Local Folsom Residents.

Hot Tub Super Center of Folsom, CA, a Sacramento area Swim Spa and Hot Tub Dealer shares “Three Simple Ways to Create a Strong Relationship”.

“February is the month of love, and an obvious choice for Relationship Wellness Month,” said William Long of Hot Tub Super Center. “A report by Campbell University in North Carolina states that intimate relationships should be built on equality and respect.”

“There are many things people can do to increase those two relationship characteristics, but the three most important ones are covered here,” continued Long. These are three simple ways to create a strong relationship.

Don’t Fight – Okay, everyone knows, or should know that it is important to work out differences, argue and yes, sometimes fight during a relationship. Allowing arguments to turn into bitter engagements with accusations flying and each side voicing opposition without considering each other’s feelings is where fights become a real problem for relationships

Those types of fights do not solve anything. It is much healthier for a relationship to avoid fighting at all costs. Instead, when there are issues to work out, sit down and discuss them.

Discussions are a part of communication, and what a healthy relationship needs to continue and grow. During discussions, people can reasonably talk about both sides of a disagreement, while always remembering that they love the person on the other side of the issue, and that they have real feelings and opinions.

Snuggle, Reach Out and Touch Someone – Physical contact is a very important part of any relationship. People who cuddle with their significant others, are quick to reach out and touch another during conversations and are openly affection to family and friends have an easier time connecting emotionally to them. That’s because when people touch, hug, pet, snuggle with loved ones and friends in a relative manner to the relationship, they release the hormone oxytocin in their brains.

Oxytocin isn’t called the cuddle hormone for nothing. It has been shown to increase feelings of affection and improve bonding in relationships as reported in the journal Hormones and Behavior. Oxytocin affects men as well as women.

A release of the hormone in men helps increase social engagement of all types, and also triggers certain areas of the brain that help people process social information. Of course, people are not going to snuggle with everyone they are in a relationship with.

There are many types of relationships, all of which benefit from touch, even as simple as a gentle touch on the arm, or a quick hug. Even something as simple as petting a dog or cat can release the oxytocin hormone, which is why people become so attached to pets, and why having pets is considered so good for the emotional health of people.

Have a Folsom Hot Tub Installed in the Yard – Creating a soothing, luxurious, spa-like atmosphere in the home where two people can return to after a long day of work, school or errands and enjoy each other’s company is an important part of caring for a relationship. A hot tub is an instant way to create that very type of atmosphere and have it ready for whenever there is a free moment without having to travel or pay expensive spa fees.

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