Hot Tubs Des Moines, Spa Dealers Urbandale, IA Dealer Shares Healthy Aging Tips

Hot Tub and Spa Dealer Des Moines Shares Tips for National Healthy Aging Month. Offers Free Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents.

HotSpring Spas of Minnesota and Iowa, selling new and used hot tubs, portable spas, swim spas and saunas publishes tips for healthy aging.

“A lack of time is no excuse for not doing healthy things that give us the ability to live better and age healthier,” said Connie Petersen general manager of Hot Spring Spas of MN and Iowa.

“With a little attention to prioritizing, and finding fun, easy ways to live better we can all have a longer, better life,” continued Peterson. Here are three easy to do things that make our lives simpler, and allow us to eat better and relax easier during healthy aging month.

Get Rid of the Junk – Pick a day to thoroughly go through the house and get rid of any kind of junk food. People are much less likely to get in the car and go out and get junk food when a craving hits, than they are to over-indulge if it is right in front of them at home. Don't keep any sugary or salty foods in the house, and cut back drastically on fatty or greasy foods. Clean out pantries, cabinets and the refrigerator, and don't forget about kid's rooms, and other spots junk food may get stashed in the home.

Make Time for Healthy Habits – Eating healthy can be a struggle for people with extremely busy lifestyles. It is still possible to make sure everyone in the family eats good. Instead of thinking in single serving meals, think in terms of bulk food storage. Create several large casseroles at a time that can be kept in the freezer and removed just to reheat when it is time to eat.

Keep plenty of baggies on hand and divide up bunches of carrots, celery, fruits, nuts and other delicious and healthy snack foods so both kids and adults always have something quick on hand to satisfy cravings in place of junk. Keep a large container of fresh water in the refrigerator for a refreshingly cool drink anytime, and make healthy thirst-quenchers also available like unsweetened fruit juice or vegetable smoothies.

Refresh the Spirit – As important as good eating is, keeping mentally and physically refreshed is important when looking for ways to stay healthy and age better. A hot tub is a great addition for any home, and family members of all ages will love playing in the warm, bubbly water.

Along with the fun of having a hot tub, there are extra options available that let family members exercise right in the water. Water exercise is easier on joints and muscles making it a good choice even when loved ones have physical ailments that make other forms of exercise difficult.

Along with exercise, hot tubs can have added light options, televisions and stereo systems, and even coolers added to make entertaining while relaxing simple and easy. Ending the day with a long, soothing soak in the regulated heat of a hot tub is a great way to prepare for a good night's sleep so everyone wakes up refreshed and ready to handle the day. Soaking in a hot tub is also perfect for improving healthy aging habits. The hot water helps prevent skin aging.

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