Hostinger and 000webhost Launch Free Web Development Training Initiative

Hostinger and 000webhost have initiated an educational campaign to help their users learn web development or programming skills.

With the rising need for digital skills, web hosting companies Hostinger and 000webhost have initiated an educational campaign to help their users learn web development or programming skills. On top of that they have launched free online learning hubs across the globe . Through free web hosting, everyone is given the opportunity to learn all about website building, coding, and administration. And now, more than 29 million of their users have been granted access to these free online courses.

This initiative is organized in part with BitDegree, an online education platform that focuses on teaching job-applicable skills for the forecasted future job market. Both web hosting companies aim to empower their users and increase skilled IT sector workers around the world.

Given that information technology is one of the fastest growing industries that is offering some of the highest paying job positions currently available and based on research by Allen and Seaman, online enrollments are increasing with each passing year. More and more people will take their first step to launching their careers. The CEO of BitDegree, Andrius Putna said:

"Many traditional educational institutions are expensive or unreachable to a large portion of people. BitDegree wants to teach people real-life applicable skills and knowledge. So every student could improve their lives through education."

Employers highly desire workers with digital skills. According to a report by Glassdoor, web developers, data analysts and software engineers earn over $75000 annually. The BestColleges report states that 73% of online students have expressed future employment opportunities as a reason for enrolling. 33% of these students are planning a career switch, and 30% want to improve their position in their current line of work.

For this reason Hostinger has determined to support free job-applicable education. Every user is being offered free courses on web development, programming languages, digital marketing and other digital skills. In general online learning programs increasingly focus on teaching practical skills compared to the more traditional ways of learning, like college or university.

BitDegree is one of an online educational platform where interested candidates learn job-applicable skills that they use when starting or running online businesses, freelancing, developing digital skills for the workplace or pursuing new favorable career opportunities.

BitDegree has stepped their foot forward to give people the tools to change the world and empowering everyone who has a lot of ambition but is lacking the resources to pursue their goals.

Hostinger CEO, Arnas Stuopelis added:

"Hostinger was always a company that emphasizes learning, curiosity, and advancement. We were participating in the IT education sector since the company establishment back in 2004."

Educational campaigns like these act as a catalyst for personal and professional development. In the future, Hostinger and 000webhost will continue to partner with universities or online education platforms similar to BitDegree. Enrolling their customers in online programs for free or discounted prices with the intent to spark interest and train more developers that would help shape the future.

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