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Spring is just around the corner and many organizations are turning their thoughts to spring fundraisers. Individuals looking to offer something new to attract more interest in an event may wish to make use of Spring Rentals Hop N Party Inflatable Rentals. With the help of various inflatable packages offered through Hop N Party Austin TX Party Rentals, event organizers find their task becomes much easier and all participants have a great time.

"Parents love the spring as they are able to get outdoors with their children once again to enjoy the sunshine. A day at a school or community fundraiser is a great way to achieve this goal, and everyone enjoys Hop N Party Bounce House Rentals Austin TX. Consider combining the event with a barbecue or other food activity to ensure fun for the entire family from sunup to sundown," David Hieronymus, spokesperson for Hop N Party, recommends.

When planning an event of this type, variety remains of great importance. When multiple events can be held simultaneously, the amount of money raised tends to go up significantly. Consider making the event an all day thing, starting with something like a pancake breakfast for the community. Take a one hour break to set up for the second part of the day and host a barbecue complete with treats such as cotton candy and popcorn. Finish the evening with a silent auction for parents and a movie for the kids.

Hieronymus explains the company can assist with a wide range of products to make an event of this type a great success. The company provides everything from concessions and tables to bounce houses and mechanical bulls. No one has to be left out of the fun and organizations can appeal to a wide range of guests, rather than a limited audience. It's a great way to bring in a greater amount of money in very little time and one must only plan for one event, rather than multiple.

Hop N Party recommends event organizers run through the event at least once before the big day. If this isn't possible for any reason, try to have volunteers on hand early to ask questions and learn how to manage the flow of the event. This ensures the event runs smoothly, and Hop N Party will be there to assist with this. The fewer problems one experiences, the more fun everyone will have, therefore Hop N Party works with clients to make sure this is the case with every event.

"The key to a successful event lies in early planning. Individuals cannot afford to wait to reserve the items they wish to have for their fundraiser. Contact Hop N Party today to ensure the desired items are available for your event. We are more than happy to work with you to plan a great event from start to finish. All you need to do is let us know what you are looking for and we'll work to make it happen," Hieronymus declares.

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Many consider Hop N Party to be the premier inflatable rental company in and around Austin, Texas as they offer free setup and delivery along with the best pricing in the area. The units all undergo state inspection and clients know they are clean and sanitized after each use. Each unit remains fully insured and customers count on the on-time delivery seen with this company, along with the friendly, knowledgeable staff who remain ready and willing to assist with any client's needs. All one needs to do is ask.

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