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Wisconsin, USA / April 27, 2014 / Among a growing cluster of phonic programs swarming the marketplace, one program stands out from rest of the crowd. “Hooked on Phonics” is no ordinary off-the-shelf software; it is in true sense a “system” which has attained a level of maturity over the past few decades which no other phonics program can easily match up to. The award winning, “hooked on phonics” programs use multisensory materials and systematic instructions to help children learn to read. The techniques adopted and instructional approach used is purely based on latest research findings in the field of phonics. They focus upon how young children learn to read, the levels which they pass while building systematically from letters to sounds, then to words and gradually moving onto sentences followed by reading fluency.

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This piece is designed to explain the benefits of the hooked on phonics program and how parents can fully capitalize a wide array of solutions available to help their children read better.

Solutions offered by Hooked on Phonics

Learn to Read App

In this era of smartphones and tablets, “hooked on phonics” rides the tech waves in full style. They have recently launched Version 3.2 of the Hooked on Phonics “Learn to Read” app on iTunes. With games, music, stories and lessons, the Learn to Read app is by far the simplest, most portable and fun way to learn to read. Across a multitude of educational apps available, the level of interactive entertainment this app offers has never been witnessed in the past. A unique feature at the end of every lesson is a story that children will be able to read to their parents. Amazingly “Unit 1” of the Learn to Read package comes absolutely free. The app is an effective tool to reinforce reading skills for beginners. A free add-on eBook is also included within the app, once your child demonstrates good reading ability and has successfully completed Unit 1.

Visit Hooked on Phonics ® for more information on their award-winning children's online learning.

Learn to Read Package (Ages 3-8)

The Learn to Read program polishes necessary skills within a child to transform him/her into a confident reader. The benefits accrued by children from a wide array of educational backgrounds have all time and again proved that Learn to Read tools equip children with reading skills which help them sail through their education years and beyond. Utilizing fun stories, activities, workbooks, reward stickers and flash cards, children attain an understanding of reading skills and explore the sheer joy reading can bring.

The Learn to Read kit includes:

- 8 DVDs & Workbooks, 36 Storybooks
- 4 sets of Flashcards, 8 sets of stickers
- Full online access to http://goo.gl/1Vbdhr


On every purchase of a Learn to Read kit, http://goo.gl/1Vbdhr includes a FREE bonus fun pack to boost your child's creativity! The bonus Fun pack includes:

- Make-a-book kit - Everything your child needs to be the author of this or her own book!
- Activity Pad - with more than 90 brain-building activities!

The Learn to Read kit has received positive reviews from parents all across the globe. The kit offered by http://goo.gl/1Vbdhr is low cost and offers features which are not available in any other phonics program kit for sale at amazon or any other online store. Last but not the least, the requisite online store offers a risk-free trial for 30 days at only $14.95. Additionally, they include the Fun Pack worth more than $25, completely FREE! Shipping is FREE for orders shipped within the continental US.

Launch your child on the path of discovery through the magic world of reading, and place an order for Hooked on Phonics now!

Visit Hooked on Phonics ® for more information on their award-winning children's online learning.


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