Hommage is Redefining Modern Masculinity with a Revolutionary Line of Skincare and Grooming Rituals

Live on Indiegogo, Hommage Offers Bespoke Men's Skincare And Grooming Services.

Hommage, the revolutionary skincare and grooming brand on a mission to transform the stigma around self-care for men, is live on global crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo, offering male consumers a simple ritual to visibly improve their skin health in just 5 minutes a day.

The skincare industry for men is growing each year but, according to Hommage, not fast enough. Despite more and more men dipping their toe into the market, huge barriers still exist thanks to mis-information and lack of education around grooming and skincare routines for men. Men don't talk to other men about their skincare, leaving most consumers at the mercy of targeted advertising, selling 'off-the-shelf' products which often overpromise and underdeliver, leaving men soured to the whole concept altogether. Hommage is aiming to transform the industry from the bottom up through a combination of accessible education and premium quality skincare routines that are easy to adopt and “actually work”.

“The idea of ritual itself, just as a means to wellness, stems from our roots in Japan. But its application is very Western, or cosmopolitan you could say. Our biggest customers are hard-working professionals with busy lives and little time to either figure out what to use or, even if told, indulge in these complex regimes that so often disappoint because they make promises they just can’t keep,” says CEO Jonathan White on the inspiration behind the project. “Marrying simplicity and ritual with visible results, requiring as little time as possible to be achieved is what today’s modern man needs and wants.”

Hommage is promoting skin and shave-care routines, each including 3 powerful formulations, specifically designed to give men a simple, but effective everyday skincare ritual at home. Available at exclusive crowdfunding-exclusive pricing, the look and feel of Hommage products aims also to appeal to a man’s sense of confidence when it comes to taking care of himself. These are items that any man would display proudly on his bathroom counter-top, not out of sight behind the bathroom mirror to be used clandestinely - as so many men currently do with other products.

“Hommage sits apart from its competitors for so many reasons. Because it asks so little of the customer - just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 at night for truly visible results. Because it champions simple rituals that are easy to adopt. Because everything we do has convenience, results and, of course, masculinity at its core. Because we don’t just innovate, we educate - we have really explored all of the barriers to entry within this category and busted them all, and we make no secret of our findings. Hommage demystifies any uncertainty around male grooming and is well on track to becoming the go-to premium brand for the modern discerning gentleman. That’s how our tagline, ‘The Face of Modern Masculinity’ was born,” adds White.

Hommage is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo: www.indiegogo.com/projects/hommage-skincare-and-grooming-for-men

Contact Keeley Walker, Hommage’s Chief Marketing Officer for further comment: keeley@hommage.com

Additional Quotes:

“We love the idea of being exposed to the crowdfunding audience. They are open-minded, early-adopters who champion revolutionary concepts and products so simply getting their attention is worthy of the huge discounts we’re offering. At the risk of sounding overly confident, the fact is, it’s very rare for us to have a one-off purchaser who does not continue with the routines – it’s just a question of getting them into the hands of these consumers. We see the Indiegogo crowd as The Ideal in terms of who we want to reach. “

“The whole male grooming industry and its reputation is in need of a bit of a freshen up."

“We also thought it would be a good place to launch our “Become a TasteMaker” Programme, giving top customers the opportunity to sample all future formulations in the product pipeline before they go to market. As far as I’m aware, it has never been done before and we really hope it will show our consumers that we truly take their opinions seriously.”

About Hommage

Developed exclusively for men, Hommage creates luxury products that propose a new approach to skincare and grooming. Their philosophy is built on efficiency, convenience and, most importantly, ritual. All formulations are expertly researched and require a simple 5 minute routine, morning and evening, promising visible results making the skin feel fresh, nourished and noticeably younger. At its core, Hommage seeks to remove any stigmas related to male grooming, design beautiful products that look as good as they feel and, ultimately define and represent The Face of Modern Masculinity.

For more information on Hommage please visit www.hommage.co.uk


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