Homeowners Warned to Upgrade Their Water Service In Time for Water Meter Upgrade

With the City of Toronto's Water Meter Upgrade Program in full swing, homeowners with older properties are being warned to plan ahead for the cost of upgrading their water services.

Homeowners in the Toronto area who live in properties that date back to the 1960s or earlier are being warned to plan ahead in order to budget for the water service upgrade they will need in preparation for the city's Water Meter Upgrade program. Although some homeowners are unaware of this, many older homes that have galvanized or lead water service pipes will need to have their water service pipes replaced and upgraded in order for these water meters to be installed.


Experts at ADP Toronto Plumbing are now urging consumers to think ahead and find out how much they are likely to need to budget in order to have this work carried out. Some people are unaware that they will be expected to foot the bill for the water service upgrades themselves and could therefore be in for a shock when the time for their water meter upgrade comes around.

Some people may be unsure as to whether their property has lead or galvanized piping, in which case they are advised to contact a local plumber as soon as possible in order to determine whether or not a water services upgrade will be necessary. If it is necessary to upgrade water services in order to prepare for the water meter upgrades, those affected will be able to get a quote on having the work carried out at the same time, which means they will be able to more easily budget for the work that needs to be carried out.

A spokesperson from ADP Toronto Plumbing said: "One of the things that the City of Toronto failed to mention when announcing the Water Meter Upgrade program was that homeowners living in older properties may have to have water service upgrades, which they would have to fund for themselves. This means that many people living in homes that date back to the 1960s or earlier could be in line for a shock. We are now urging homeowners who think they may be affected to get an expert out to take a look, see whether they do indeed require the upgrades, and get a quote so that they can start budgeting."

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