Homeowners Can Know Before Purchase If Window Replacement Will Save Them Money

Everyone is told that replacing windows saves money. It is possible for any homeowner to know specifically for their own home if they will personally save money before they purchase window replacements.

Kudos to the officials of Boston Township. As reported by the Akron.com Neighborhood Online news on June 3, 2016, this summer the Boston Townhall Committee is conducting a window replacement project for repair and replacement of many of the windows in the township hall building. There is a nugget of valuable information for every smart homeowner hidden within this storyline.

Some might wonder why this bit of information is newsworthy. The answer is a no-brainer if a true pay-for-itself-in-time rationale is applied. Add the fact that federal tax credits for certain qualified energy efficient improvements have been extended through December 31, 2016, and window replacement becomes even more newsworthy.

It’s one thing to be told the government recognizes the value of window replacement. Living under a rock for more than a decade would be the only explanation for not having heard of ENERGY STAR, a government endorsed symbol that manufacturers use for consumer confidence in purchasing products so labeled for energy efficiency, environmental protection and money savings. Obviously it’s not a government conspiracy when federal tax credits are offered.
Not just any product can earn the ENERGY STAR label.

The six general guidelines for product labeling include:

• The energy savings must be significant and must be experienced nationwide (not just in Alaska or Texas).
• Performance and functionality must not be replaced by energy efficiency (if it is supposed to open, it opens).
• The purchase cost must be recoverable through utility bill savings within a reasonable period of time.
• Non-propriety technologies must be the reason for energy efficiency (no monopoly on the secret sauce).
• Testing must be possible in order to independently verify the energy consumption and performance.
• Purchasers must be able to easily recognize the label as being different from non-qualified products.

Just to bring this to practicality, a typical home that converts to ENERGY STAR window products saves between $126–$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows and $27–$111 a year over double-pane. That’s with untreated, clear glass replacement windows according to HWReplacement Pros.


However, when it comes to the consumer, where’s the real assurance that their personal energy bills will be reduced?
RESFEN (any online search engine can provide access) is arguably the industry standard software program by which to best calculate the true savings from heating and cooling costs in both existing and newly constructed homes. It’s an online downloadable program that furnishes everything a homeowner needs in order to make an informed decision prior to assuming the expense of window replacement.

The consumer can set climate, utility rates, heating and air condition system specifics, window area and orientation (interior/exterior shading), floor area and more. RESFEN then lets the consumer set the U-factor and other specifics of the window replacement choice and then calculates the annual heating and cooling costs with attention to peculiar spikes experiences in the specific locale of the home owner.

There is no need for any homeowner to be confused by the prospect of a true savings when purchasing ENERGY STAR window replacements.

The Boston Township Committee and any homeowner can easily determine how quickly the savings will pay for the window replacement. There is no need to accept the generally assumed savings window replacements can provide.
A hidden nugget is always worth the search. Here it is: True and measureable savings for the consumer prior to the purchase of any window replacement.

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