Homemade Wine in 5 Days? New Startup Brewsy Has The Boozy Solution

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Brewsy, an innovative wine-making startup, launches their kit to help wine lovers make tasty homemade wines & ciders in the comfort of their homes.

Think talking about politics is complex? 2020’s ups and downs are still no match for the the complex, confusing, and outright labyrinthine landscape of home-brewing any wine: with so many secrets and ingredients gate-kept by the professional wine industry, introducing the ability to make quality wine to the general public has proven nearly impossible – so far.

Over the past few years, the popularity of home-brewing beer has exploded, but the ability to easily make professional-quality wine has remained as elusive as ever. For individuals who are ambitious enough to undertake the challenge, it’s a process that spans months and months. Even worse, there’s no guarantee he or she will end up with anything tasty — after months of work, the end result can often be something incredibly undesirable.

Enter Brewsy, a startup founded by engineers & scientists who thought making wine at home should be easy, simple, and fast. The world of homemade wine will never be the same. In releasing their product, they’ve clearly created quite the stir in the winemaking world: their viral kit makes wines, fruit wines, ciders, and meads from any juice – even store-bought juices – in just 5 days. The kicker? They’re 15% ABV – and Brewsy guarantees they’re delicious or they’ll send a full refund.

Brewsy’s viral kit is available for purchase here.

In developing their product, the Brewsy team knew that wine didn’t have to be impossible to make. After months and months of reverse-engineering the formulations behind commercial winemaking, the wine fanatics behind Brewsy knew that wine-making could be something that could be easily shared. They just had to figure out how.
So, after five thousand empty juice bottles, hundreds of nixed ingredients, and dozens of conversations with pissed-off wine industry ingredient suppliers, the team behind Brewsy successfully redesigned the professional wine-making process. The end result was a formula that brings the ability to make professional-quality wine to everyone’s kitchen table.

Brewsy wrote up a quick page on how it all works, accessible here.

The formula comes in the form of their Brewsy Bag, which can be added into anyone’s choice of juice. Five carefully selected ingredients work together to bring out the nuanced, floral tones of their wine, while a super-fast patented wine-making yeast works to turn anyone’s juice into a delicious wine in five days. For the cider-lovers out there, apple and pear juice yield pretty awesome results as well. But it goes further — Brewsy’s creators have used the product to create boozy creations out of almost anything one can imagine. Yup, that means anything from the standard grape juice to dark cherry and cranberry juice — and even to hard root beer. This month, they just released that anyone can make their own hard seltzer at home using Brewsy’s kit, too.

Brewsy supplies every new winemaker with special airlock tops to put on their juices, plenty of Brewsy Bags, and extensive how-to materials. Along with every kit comes access to Brewsy’s 24/7 home-brewing support line, exclusive online winemaking club, and dozens of recipes for inspiration. Brewsy’s special formula guarantees it’ll taste delicious — and Brewsy prides themselves on their attentive customer support line: they’ll help anyone adjust their wine to the perfect flavor, every single time.
One of the first steps is consulting the online sugar calculator, which was built so that the final sweetness of each wine or cider is completely customizable. Whether the individual is into the dry, tannic nature of an aged Sangiovese or prefers something sweet like Moscato, Brewsy guarantees there’s a recipe for that. After that, sit back and watch the wine work its magic — after three days in a warm, dark room and two days in the fridge, any juice becomes a delicious wine, cider, or mead.

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