Home Standard Announces Latest Aromasent.com Topic Focus: Essential Oil Recipes

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Aromasent, a member of the Home Standard family of products, has been updated on its website to include a new section containing natural essential oil recipes for the home and personal care.

Natural products for home cleaning and personal care have been proven to be as effective in many cases as those chemical-based, often animal-tested products that cost a great deal more to purchase and tend to be far less than friendly to the environment.

It is only a simple matter of learning how to create mixtures that do the same thing as their chemical-based analogs and learning how to use these mixtures safely around your family and in the home and garden.

Ted Roberson, founder and CEO of Home Standard of which Aromasent.com is a member, has set a goal to better educate the public about the harm chemicals and pesticides can do to people, our food and the Earth. Included in this goal is a desire to build a knowledge base at Aromasent so that people can learn how to create earth-friendly essential oil recipes and incorporate them into daily life for cleaning, hygiene, alternative cosmetics, garden care and more.

Roberson said, “I want to live as healthy and chemical free as possible and teach my kids to do the same. I know that is shared by millions. In our home we have improved household practices while reducing disposable plastic and chemical wastes. Every little bit helps; we all need to reduce the use of harmful chemicals and stop excessive waste.”

Aromasent staff checks and ensures that each essential oil recipe works and includes information to ensure each visitor know how to safely use the recipe as well as any conditions that could be impacted by use of the essential oils, such as allergies. Also, never should advice provided on healthy living on the website be used to delay or replace consulting healthcare professionals when signs of illness such as fever, serious pain or any other symptoms.

Introducing this new area of knowledge does not mean that other existing topics will be neglected. Each knowledge area of the website will be updated regularly in order to provide on-going learning opportunities for those interested in essential oil recipes, uses for essential oils for well living as well as more natural lifestyles.

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