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Coronado Home Care & Skilled Nursing, Firstat Nursing Services Publishes “Three Ways a Home Health Agency Can Boost Senior Citizen Health and Lifestyle.”

Firstat Nursing Services, a Coronado home health and San Diego in home skilled nursing agency publishes “Three Ways a Home Health Agency Can Boost Senior Citizen Health and Lifestyle.”

“One of the most valuable elements in senior citizen living for maintaining good mental and emotional well-being is the ability to continue living independently. A home health care nurse can assist the senior citizen in their efforts to stay in their own homes, and keep them healthy, fit and emotionally stable,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA.

Here are three ways a home health agency can provide the help elderly citizens need to keep them safe and healthy, and help them improve their lives, while give their families the peace of mind of knowing loved ones are cared for.

Home Nursing Assistance Provides Basic Health Needs – Senior citizens or their families can arrange to have a home health care nurse visit daily to make sure the elderly client has basic meal preparation and personal hygiene assistance. This very basic care is vital to maintaining a healthy frame of mind and keep seniors safe from the more common accidents and injuries that plague older individuals living alone or with another elderly person.

Home health care assistance can be as minimal or as involved as the needs of the elderly client require. Some people worry that having home health care nursing means a constant intrusion on their lives, but if an elderly client simply needs assistance a few hours a day, that is all they have to accept. As an elderly persons’ needs advance, more involved care is easily arranged simply by adjusting the hours required. A visiting nurse can even be arranged for 24-hour assistance at the time it becomes necessary.

Keeping the Mind Active is Vital to Good Mental and Emotional Health for Seniors – A visiting nurse will make sure that their elderly client is alert and cognitive ability is at an appropriate level for their care needs. Along with assessing their mental alertness, a health care provider can help their elderly patients increase their mental activity with games and conversations meant to spur their memories and reasoning abilities, and keep them fit.

Home Health Care Coronado Nurses Help Elderly Patients Stay in Touch with Friends and Family – One of the biggest problems for senior citizens is a feeling of isolation. They become trapped in the homes they love due to an inability to easily get around and depression sets in. A home health care nurse will help their elderly clients stay in touch via modern conveniences such as email or by phone, and also help them get out to visit local friends and family for better emotional health.

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Linnea Goodrich is the owner of Firstat Nursing Services, which is the only Home Care Agency in San Diego that is both State licensed and certified by the Alzheimer’s Association.  Firstat Nursing Services has been providing a higher standard of home nursing, home health and home care services for elderly, disabled and injured people in the greater San Diego area since 1997.  To pick up a copy of her free report “Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider,” Visit,

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