Home Cleaning Experts Offer Tips on Holiday Cleaning

Home cleaning industry experts discuss time-saving tips for holiday season cleaning

With the holiday season right around the corner, several cleaning service experts came together to offer some valuable cleaning tips to homeowners this holiday season, which will help minimize the time and effort spent on cleaning and maximize the time spent with family and loved ones.

“The first thing that people complain about during and after the holidays is overeating,” says Katherine Cook, general manager of The Maids New Hampshire. “What we see sometimes when we come to houses with regular cleaning visits is that people do not properly clean their fridges, which in turn results in unnecessary spending at the grocery store.”

According to Cook, about 33 percent of people do not clean their fridge prior to going to the grocery store, which not only may cause overeating and poor meal planning, but also the spread of bacteria, viruses, and parasites inside the fridge, which may cause severe food poisoning. Therefore, Cook suggests that fridge cleaning should be one of the top cleaning chores this and every holiday season.

Another popular cleaning question that people tend to have around the holiday season concerns keeping their floors clean: both before and after the holidays.

“The holiday season is one of the most sociable times of the year,” says Joey Strong, owner of a Durham region carpet cleaning and janitorial services company, “Naturally, your flooring will see more stress that usual, and carpets tend to be the most affected.”

According to Strong, there is no universal tip for carpet cleaning. Each type of stain requires different treatment. However, to achieve the best results, each treatment should be done in a timely fashion.

Other types of flooring will also require attention. Cook suggested two easy, yet effective, solutions for wood and laminate floor cleaning.

“Soak a cloth in tea and just wash down wood floors. Tea will add an extra shine to the wood, eliminate odor, and kill some germs that might dwell in the wood,” suggested Cook. “For laminate flooring, add two table spoons of baby shampoo to a gallon of water and mop the dirty area.”

Another time-saving idea that seems to be a no-brainer, yet is often overlooked according to Cook, is cleaning as you go. Putting dirty dishes right into the dishwasher, wiping stains off right away, and putting away things that are no longer in use will save a lot of time for cooking, decorating, and other fun holiday activities.

“Holidays can be stressful because of all the cleaning that needs to be done,” said Strong “Oftentimes, it is worth hiring professionals for your cleaning needs rather than spending hours on trying to tackle every single cleaning task yourself.”

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