Home Care San Diego, Nursing and Caregivers Agency Supports Healthy Aging Month

San Diego Home Care Agency Shares 3 Ways Senior Citizens Can Be Healthier. Offers Free Online Needs Assessment to Help Families Understand Senior Care Options

Firstat Nursing Services, a San Diego home care, home nursing and caregivers agency reveals ways senior citizens can safely stay healthier.

“September is healthy aging month, a time geared toward helping seniors see that living healthy and being fit isn’t just for the young,” said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services.

Here are three ways seniors can safely stay healthier.

Eat for Nourishment, Not Reward – As people age, they tend to stop worrying about waistlines and scale readings. Food choices end up being more for desire and comfort – a reward for simply being older. The change in attitude isn’t unusual, but it is definitely unhealthy. Weight gain due to bad nutritional choices not only adds pounds quickly, but also, raises blood sugar levels.

Another problem elderly face is the simple act of preparing fresh food. It is easier, and often safer, for seniors to eat packaged foods or fast foods instead of risking kitchen accidents. Caregivers should pay attention to what seniors eat, helping to prepare healthy meals that can be made in advance and frozen so they can be eaten without a lot of fuss.

Find Safe Exercise Alternatives – Walking is a great exercise, but often seniors suffer with limited mobility or balance issues. Ask a health care professional to suggest safe alternatives to common exercises, modified for people with physical disabilities or those who are just starting a program after years of inactivity.

Get a physician’s okay to do any exercises that are designed to raise heart rates. And remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to exercise. Even special exercises for the elderly or mobility challenged are simple enough to do with common household items.

Utilize Senior Care San Diego Support for Safety and Support – Caregivers can be proactive in helping senior family members or friends in becoming active. However, there are limits to ability so make sure any healthy lifestyle changes are appropriate.

Getting help from home health care providers is a smart move. Not only will senior care providers help develop a healthy routine for seniors at all stages of abilities, but they can also check to ensure foods provide the right nutrients in the right amounts, prepare meals and monitor medical statistics to be sure patients are not over-extending themselves.

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