Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region Reacts to Study about Canadians Caring for Seniors

Home Care Assistance Toronto/York region comments on a study concerning Canadians caring for the elderly in alarming numbers.

Toronto, Canada, January 13, 2016 – Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region (HomeCareAssistance-Toronto.com), the leading provider of non-medical, in-home senior care in the Greater Toronto Area, is reacting to a study about working Canadians providing home care for elderly parents.

Carleton University business professor Linda Duxbury has conducted extensive research on work-life balance. Her latest study aimed to discover how people manage their personal and professional demands. The study included 25,000 people, most of whom were working professionals, and the results of her research showed that approximately 70% of these workers take some kind of responsibility for caring for an elderly family member or friend. Another 50% have two seniors for whom they are responsible. (Source: Church, E., “Elder care is the new child care, professor says,” The Globe and Mail web site, January 3, 2016; http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/elder-care-is-the-new-child-care-professor-says/article27989811/.)

“Numbers like these are actually staggering,” says Brian Shevel, president of Home Care Assistance – Toronto/York Region. “Not only does it show just how many seniors are in need of home care, but it shows how many Canadians are altering their lives to take on this challenge.”

Results from the study showed that caring for these elders lasted up to six years. Duxbury believes figures like these make elder care comparable to child care. Research is showing a number of reasons for this new reality, but Canada’s aging population is a big factor. Last year a milestone was reached in which senior citizens outnumbered youth in the country. Also, Canadians today are having fewer kids, which means that the responsibility of caring for a senior is falling on the shoulders of one offspring who already has young children of his or her own.

“There’s a lot going on, and Canada is really taking steps to change and improve its overall approach to homecare,” Shevel continues. “It’s not just a growing issue any more, it’s happening right now and it needs to be addressed.”

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