Holly Harrel Announces the Release of Her Debut Book ‘Energy Is Power’

Holly Harrell is a single mother of 3 grown kids, has experience of over 30 years in commercial and residential brokerage. She’s an expert reiki practitioner, energy healer, physic, and a stage 4 cancer survivor. Along with her journey, she has counseled many over the years.

Energy healer and an expert reiki practitioner, Holly Harrell, proudly announces the launch of her debut book, Energy is Power, published by Balboa Press, hitting the bookstores everywhere in the United States and Amazon internationally.
The book Energy is Power reveals the author’s insights into vibrational energy and aims to motivate individuals to find better ways and learn techniques to raising their own bodies’ vibrational energy. Through her book Energy is Power, Holly Harrell seeks to reinforce positivity among today’s generation and turn them towards a high-energy and holistic path. This positive self-help book delivers a compelling outlook on living a healthier and happier life by raising your body’s vibrational energy.
The author has developed an innovative 4-pillar plan and discovered that the simple things in life could create a significant difference. It features 11 chapters, each focused on its solo theme, including vibrational energy, energy flow, diet, exercise, ego: mind, relationships, and sex. The book takes readers through their personal journey and teaches them to raise their own body’s energy force to the 4th dimension and up, live a life where ego and emotions can’t control them, and don’t cause any harm anymore.
“This is good, clear, and original,” says Josh Young about Energy is Power by Holly Harrell. Josh Young is a well-known, best-selling author with five New York Times bestsellers, two Los Angeles Times bestsellers, four books made into feature documentaries, and eighteen books ranked #1 in their genre on Amazon.
Energy is Power is 121 pages and is now available for purchase in softcover, print version, and e-book at Balboa Press Bookstore,
Amazon, Barnes, Noble, and major bookstores in the United States and worldwide.
“Let me walk you through a simple to understand program that I have developed to help you take control of your own life. The higher you vibrate, the more miracles will come to you, and your chosen path that you were meant to live will be part of your everyday life. Let’s do this together. It is amazing and empowering. This book is my lifelong search. I’ve spent my whole life researching and learning about my own body’s vibrational energy, and I want to contribute what I learned through the process. I would appreciate your purchase.” – Holly Harrell
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