Holiday Industry Shake-Up Makes Starting A Glamping Business An Exciting New Option For Homeworkers

Sarah Riley of Inspired Courses, a glamping business start-up guide, has highlighted how the holiday industry shake-up may make glamping businesses a more viable opportunity for homeworkers.

Tourists choosing to stay closer to home rather than booking a foreign holiday have delivered a significant boost to the luxury Glamping industry, which experienced bumper bookings last season despite the pandemic. However, dig under the surface a bit more and things start to get really interesting as signs of significant industry shifts are starting to emerge.

The Increasing Staycation And Glamping Business Trend
The holiday industry and small businesses alike have been having a hard time over the last year with the pandemic leaving tourists disappointed and holiday rental owners out of pocket.

Added to this, political unrest has done nothing to reduce the fears of nervous holidaymakers who are worried about losing money on canceled vacations. As a result, we are starting to see a shift away from traditional holidays into socially-distanced experiences endorsed by popular culture, celebrities, and influencers.

What Holidaymakers Are Telling Us
Even before the pandemic hit, tourists were beginning to explore the exciting option of eco-retreats and glamping breaks. In fact, Google shows us that search data has increased significantly over the last year with numbers already overtaking the last few years of data.

Sarah Riley from Inspired Courses has also reported a 200% growth in the number of people wanting to start a new glamping business from home over the last year and said:

“Last year resulted in many working from home on a more permanent basis or wanting to look for alternative ways to make a living that avoids a busy office space or city life. As a glamping business can be so flexible, as a lucrative side-hustle or a scalable million-dollar business, we are starting to see the industry expand across the world.”

The Future Looks Bright For New Glamping Businesses
Glamping originally took center stage when it was revealed just how robust it had been in the face of the previous financial meltdown, allowing it to thrive while other parts of the tourism industry failed.

Since then savvy business owners have noted its stellar performance and flexible business models and are eager to become early adopters and develop the next-big-thing.

“This is a really exciting industry to be in at the moment because there’s just so much potential. It really is a case of the only limit being your imagination and that’s inspiring for many right now.”

The Benefits Of Starting A Glamping Business
The benefits of starting a Glamping business are multiple, but specifically, it helps to diversify income generated from a piece of land, can be run alongside an existing business, or as serviced short-term rentals on a larger scale. You don’t even need to own the land, with many successful businesses starting with a landowner partnership.

“One of the best-kept secrets in this industry is that some business models are achieving a return on their investment within the first year and that’s significant.”

But the most common reason for starting this style of business is the lifestyle it offers after the set-up phases.

“There’s no doubt this industry attracts those wanting to spend more time outside with less stress and more control. That’s what eco-accommodation and glamping can offer and it’s really starting to get noticed for that.”

Now more than ever the right tools are available to help aspiring owners learn quickly and build their confidence to start something extraordinary, which is also great news for vacationers as their choices of unique holidays over the next few years are set to explode.

Sarah Riley is CEO of supporting those who want to start a Glamping business or build extraordinary holiday rentals. Find out more about Sarah Riley, Inspired courses at

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