Hitting Stores In Texas On May 3rd Is The World's First Hard Coconut Water; Coco Vodka And Coco Rum.

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The pioneers of Coco Vodka and Coco Rum are revolutionizing the liquor industry with their progressive new Ready To Drink beverages, and they are finally making their long awaiting debut at major retail stores in Texas starting today!

Combining genuine coconut water with premium white rum and triple refined vodka gives a refreshing taste of a tropical getaway in a can.

This delicious and convenient drink is known as the “world’s first hard coconut water” and is the work of Mark Convery, who has more than 15 years of experience running organizations through North America, and his fellow Canadian business partner, Av Grewal, another respected veteran of liquor distribution industry. The pair of entrepreneurs got the idea for the product three years ago on a trip to California. They knew it was going to be a big hit after seeing the market tested demand for regular coconut water as it became a grocery store staple. The CoCo team brings backgrounds in ecommerce, marketing, and wholesale experience that has helped CoCo get to market as the world’s first hard coconut water. These products have taken the beverage aisle by storm and are now available in retail locations across Texas. Anyone can keep up to date with specific store launches by following Coco Vodka and Coco Rum on Instagram.

Texas will be one of the first states to get to try the Lime and Pineapple flavors! Of course, launching Coco Vodka and Coco Rum during the Covid pandemic was not easy. These ready to drink cocktails hit the shelves last summer despite shortages in aluminum cans within the United States, but thanks to great relationships and partnerships, the founders were able to overcome all adversity to get their product to the people! CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum is being distributed in Texas by The Ben E. Keith Company, a leader in premium food and beverage distribution servicing 62 counties in the great state of Texas for over a century. They are one of the largest and most respected distributors, so with so many inquiries from customers and fans clamoring for CoCo, working with Ben E. Keith was an exciting opportunity to get CoCo in the hands of fans in Texas.

These additional efforts to bring the world’s first hard coconut water to market paid off and are giving Americans a vacation in a can right now when many need it the most. Made with fresh, directly sourced coconut water, Coco Vodka combines triple-distilled vodka with sparkling water added to the mix. Their other staple product, Coco Rum, offers the same fresh coconut water and sparkling water with premium white rum. Coco makes sure to use exclusively fresh young coconuts for their coconut water to give it the refreshing taste that customers love.

Today, both Coco Rum and Coco Vodka will be flying off the shelves at retail locations all across Texas, along with 26 other states. The journey that started 3 years ago, from coconut to store shelf, has not always been easy, especially because of the pandemic, but the results have been satisfying. Mark credits much of the early success from taking the time to understand why other products in the ready to drink category were not selling well. This was important because this category is incredibly competitive. Then came the hard part of sourcing the all-natural ingredients, cans, cases, and finding a facility to manufacture the product. Fortunately, his business partner Av Grewal has been involved in the alcohol distribution business for many years and they were able to collaborate on solving these bumps in the supply chain. Finally, while many businesses have struggled during the pandemic, the timing could not have been better for Coco Vodka and Coco Rum to provide the perfect tropical vacation that many people in Texas need right now!

To learn more about where to pick up CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum, visit https://shop.enjoycoco.com/

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