History is Changing the Way the World Drinks Coffee

Coffee is an American passion, yet a possible health problem in the way it is consumed. Historical brewing methods provide a solution to enjoying coffee and its benefits without the harmful effects of brewing it.

People love their coffee. They want it now and fast. But on the great plains in the 1800's, coffee was more than a cup of energy and pleasure, it was a way of life. After the Boston Tea incident, tea was shunned and coffee took a front seat as the go-to beverage for the average American cowboy or homesteader.

It was common to see a large pot of coffee steaming over a morning and afternoon campfire. No self-respecting American Cowboy would be without his coffee on a cattle drive. In those days everything was grounded by hand, and brewed with what mother nature made available.

A large 3 to 5-gallon pot, usually made of iron, worn by the years and blackened by smoke, was a fixture for a group of ten to fifteen men. It was common for an outfit of men to use up anywhere from 100 to 175 pounds of coffee beans each month. In those days, Americans not only drank coffee they lived on coffee.

Coffee is still a staple in the American lifestyle. For some, it is a passion. Their artful concoctions of flavors and coffee aromas adorn the many coffee shops and kitchens of America. For others, it is a daily necessity that gets them going in the morning and gives them a pick up in the afternoon.

History shows us a better, healthy way to make coffee with all-natural methods. It is a method that is growing in popularity in homes and coffee houses.

A company called Pure Journi studied materials, methods and current approaches to coffee making to come up with a Chemical Free Pour Over Coffee Drip System. It is a combination of a premium Borosilicate Glass brewer and a precious metal coffee filter all in one. But it does not stop there. The metals used in the filter is the trick to making an amazing, healthy, and heavenly flavorful cup of coffee.

Combining precious metals into their filter allows only the coffee oils to interact in just the right way, eliminates any chemicals, smells, foreign matter or anything else that may impact a person's health or the taste of the coffee. The result is an amazing cup of coffee.

The problem with electric drip makers is almost all of them have some plastics. When hot coffee comes in contact with plastics, some of it enters the coffee cup and ends up in the body. Over time it can prove harmful to a person's health. There are zero plastics or chemicals in Pure Journi's pour over coffee maker.

"We spent half a year figuring out what makes the best tasting and healthy cup of coffee. We use our own products. So, our coffee maker needed to make coffee quick and provide easy cleanup. It needed to be eco-friendly and contain no harmful materials. We even went the extra mile to package our product in EPE recyclable materials. In the end, we settled on what we think will be the best coffee system you will ever buy period!", said CEO Art Saborio.

Pure Journi's Pour Over Coffee Dripper and Maker can be found on Amazon.com, Pjourni.com and WestOfJava.com.

Pure Journi uses only the highest quality materials. They were founded in 2015 and located on the West Coast of California where coffee is an art and a passion. Join us in discovering your coffee journey.

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