Hip-Hop Artists 4G Hypes the Release of His First Book With Promises of a Film to Follow

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Jay Gathers aka '4G,' releases long awaited book 'Bounce Back,' which discusses the story of his life and the major difficulties that he overcame which has inspired thousands of people worldwide.

In the music industry, rap is commonly associated with provocative lyrics that reflect the artist’s struggles in their life, but artist Jay “4G” Gathers proves that it doesn’t always have to be that way. A renowned name in the hip-hop scene, 4G has never been shy about the endeavors he endured growing up. Being raised in a Christian home, he was able to utilize his lyrical talent to sway others towards the light. Since establishing his reputation, 4G has made great strides with his company, Grand Master Entertainment. Now he has shifted his focus to the release of a new book with the prospects of a film not far behind.

Before rising to fame as 4G, Jay Gathers was placed in the rotation of the infamous foster care system in Apalachicola, Florida. His maternal grandmother later came and took him under her work, and the would-be artist would find himself in a personal relationship with God. Growing up, 4G realized he had the gift of music and used his talent to escape from a world of pain, disappointment, and shame.

When 4G grew older, he started to utilize his talent to break out in the hip-hop scene, inspired by the messages that the church preached and the loving embrace of his grandmother. Even at 13, 4G (then taking the moniker of Fresh Jay) developed his musical abilities, delving into poetry, musical lyrics, and competing in lunchroom rap battles.

The artist’s career would take off after relocating to Panama, Florida, where he not only matured as an individual and artist but also grew closer to God. It was there that 4G was born. “This name is one that defined a very mature man,” he said. “One with inspiration and an uplifting musical artist who created music to inspire everyone for the glory of God.” From there, 4G grew into an established name in the hip-hop scene. Throughout the years, he would not only win awards but also create a big enough platform to create his brand Grand Master Entertainment.

Recently, 4G has shifted his career with his latest literary project, Bounce Back. The book, which is set to be his first authorship project, came about after an in-depth conversation with Bishop James Kelly, his spiritual father and an individual for whom 4G holds overwhelming respect for.

“The idea of the book was actually given to me by my Bishop, who was and still is my spiritual leader, during a conversation we had over 15 years ago,” he explained. “During the conversation, he stated, ‘If you write a book, you’d be a millionaire.’ He went on to say that I should call it Bounce Back because he’d seen me go through situation after situation, and there hadn’t been anything I wasn’t able to bounce back from.”

The conversation would remain with 4G for years, and he would often make plans to write the book eventually. It was only at the start of 2021 that the artist felt he didn’t have the time to complete his goal. However, once he picked up the pen, 4G allowed nothing to deter him from obeying God’s strategic commands that were uttered through his Bishop.
Bounce Back is a testimony to the struggle that 4G endured, overcoming all the odds stacked against him, and the moments of calm when he would stay up praying about the situation to help him bounce back. Included in the book are several principles that 4G kept close to his heart, often referring to them as “free throws,” which he compares to grace.
“You see, even though the free throws are “free,” you can never take them for granted because they’re often missed,” he explained. “In the same way, we often miss the mark. God extends his mercy to us daily.”

With the book set for a release soon, 4G is enthusiastic about producing a movie shortly. “While my story is still being written, a movie is sure to follow this book of inspiration,” said the artist.

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