Hip Flexibility Solution Review Reveals 20 Minutes Routine to Unlock Tight Hips

Hip Flexibility Solution teaches its user several techniques and hacks to fight the dull joint aches and to relax and loosen the tight muscles surrounding the hips.

Eric Wong, physical strength and conditioning coach to professional combat athletes and a successful online trainer, launches his rehabilitative workout program named ‘Hip Flexibility Solution’.

This program is a seven day exercise-based system that claims to cure acute or chronic hip joint tightness, hip/gluteal muscle spasms and untie the knots in muscle movement. It asserts to erase hip, knee and back pain through very simple and easily doable set of exercises that take less than twenty minutes in a day. Hip Flexibility Solution removes pain, incorporates strength, builds in power and improves overall range of motion and posture of the whole body by targeting the flexibility of spine, hips and lower limbs.

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Eric Wong took years of research, development and experimentation to bring about the specifically designed movements in Hip Flexibility Solution.

This program is for anyone who has having problems in every day performance due to hip movement restriction. It is especially for those people who have already tried all the static stretching to ease out the muscle spasms of the hips but instead developed more tightening in their muscles.

Hip Flexibility Solution addresses the problem at the core, the cause of the hip restriction and is very effective in old age when the muscle power recedes and joint stability is compromised. Hip Flexibility Solutions brings the power and strength back into the hips without inciting more injuries or energy.

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Hip Flexibility Solution teaches its user several techniques and hacks to fight the dull joint aches and to relax and loosen the tight muscles surrounding the hips. Some of the contents of the programs include:

• Revealing 5 biggest mistakes made by people during practicing common muscle stretch exercises.
• A simple tweak to target the joint capsule and enhance its mobility and power.
• The 7 reasons behind the gradual decent into the chronic hip misuse that leads to tight muscles.
• Technique to stabilize breathing to synchronize diaphragm with efficient breathes, this helps tremendously in achieving desired flexibility.
• Importance of core stability (these are the abdominal and back muscles that regulate posture and gross movements)
• Eight powerful methods to break down the knots in the hip muscle fibers so that the joint would be unlocked to achieve improved flexibility and extensive range of motion.


1. The HFS Bioenergetics Routine: This increases neuromuscular control of the muscles so that more conscious control can be achieved to unlock the muscles.
2. The HFS Kneeling Routine: This is the most powerful routine that includes four exercises that powers the ultimate strength in the joint capsule to enhance mobility.
3. The HFS Standing Routine: This is posture-specific routine that works on big units of muscles to loosen the hips.
4. The HFS Core Routine: This is to stabilize the abdominal muscles and let the core power the hips.
5. The HFS Advanced Mobility Routine: This includes specific targeted hip exercises that rejuvenate muscles.
6. The HFS Active SMR Routine: This special routine shows user brilliant methods to free fascia/mucles from adhesions and scar tissue.

For more information on Hip Flexibility Solution, visit the official website here: www.hipflexibilitysolution.com

Hip Flexibility Solution guarantees rapid, appreciable results in a matter of days and comes at a very cost-effective price. It uses science to revitalize health and succeeds excellently in its endeavor.

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