Hindsight Technologies LLC, Construction Project Management Software Now Enables Data Conversion From Timberline

Hindsight Construction Technologies recently switched from Sage 300 and Sage 100 solutions (Timberline and MasterBuilder) to AccuBuild. As a reseller, Hindsight Construction Technologies is pleased to offer clients converting from Sage 300 construction to Accubuild tools making the data conversion process easier & more affordable.

Hindsight Construction Technologies is located in Queen Creek, Arizona and pleased to be the master reseller for Accubuild, an industry leader in construction management software. AccuBuild, Construction Management software has been on the market for over 27 years. Brant Wadsworth, president at Hindsight Construction Technologies says, the software is easy to use and enables construction companies to be more efficient and make better decisions, faster.

Accubuild integrates construction accounting, payroll, project management , scheduling, paperless office and mobile apps . Hindsight Construction Technologies has researched numerous solutions and believe the AccuBuild software offers numerous benefits when compared to other construction management software solutions. One major benefit is AccuBuild offers data conversion functionality from other software such as Sage 300 (Timberline), American Contractor and Sage 100 for Construction (Master Builder).

The AccuBuild Construction Management software was designed by Mike Searns Sr. in 1987. Mike was motivated to create the AccuBuild software when he realized professional contractors needed custom tailored solutions. Mike set about creating a software flexible enough to meet the challenges of any professional contractor, and he adapted it for each new customer. On the Hindsight Technologies website AccuBuild is described as an experience versus solely a software.

Highsight Technologies where previously resellers of Sage 300 Construction (formerly Timberline) the data from which can be converted to AccuBuild. In the below video Brant Wadsworth from Highsight Technologies discusses his decision to switch from being a Sage Timberline reseller to AccuBuild master reseller.


Brant says he wasn't sure a small company such as AccuBuild could compete with Sage at first. After trying the software he was extremely impressed with it's ease of use and all encompassing solution. After selling Sage Timberline for over ten years, he became dissatisfied that the software hadn’t made any significant enhancements and the company seemed to lack a solid vision. Brant says, he was unimpressed with larger companies such as Sage because it takes them months to put together development plans, years to develop the solutions and when they are eventual brought products to market most were soon abandoned.

Brant says he is impressed with the way AccuBuild as a company is managed, “they look to bring in people that are smart, innovative and have direction.” He finds AccuBuild as a company to be more adaptable, innovative, relaxed, open and honest when compared to larger companies. Brant says that business has become fun again for him since he started selling the AccuBuild Construction Project Management Software.

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