Hillary Clinton Stands Up For Women in the High-Tech Industry—Just in Time for International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day approaches, Hillary Rodham Clinton shares that regarding gender equality in the workforce, women still have a long way to go.

On February 24 of this year, Hillary Rodham Clinton was keynote speaker for the very first annual Lead On Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women, drawing in a reported 5,000 attendees.

In a L.A. Times report, Clinton discusses the tech industry’s “poor track record of hiring and promoting women,” calling the numbers “sobering.” She reveals, per the report, that “just 11% of Silicon Valley executives and 20% of software developers are women” and “a man with a bachelor’s degree tends to make 60% more than his female counterpart.”

Clinton’s timely speech falls just days before International Women’s Day (IWD) or International Working Women's Day, a celebration that takes place on March 8 each year, honoring the many achievements of women around the world as observed by various groups, governments, corporations and organizations. In celebration of this day, people are known to wear purple ribbons to show support and appreciation of how far women have progressed as a group.

The celebration, which dates back to 1911, has evolved since its beginnings as a sociopolitical event, however, over a century later, women still suffer from gender inequality.

According to a Census Bureau report from 2012, women make “as little as 77 cents for every dollar that men earn for equivalent work.” Moreover, the December cyber-attack of Sony Pictures also brought to light the glaring difference in pay between men and women.

Time.com reported that based on leaked documents, not only were there discrepancies in pay revealed between male and female celebrities, but it was also discovered that among the 17 Sony employees that earned over $1 million, only one was a woman, former co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amy Pascal.

Ana Hawk, women’s rights advocate and President of the RED PAPER CLIP CENTER, a nonprofit helping break cycles of abuse, states, “During International Women’s Day—and everyday—it is important for everyone to celebrate the achievements of women everywhere. By the same token, it is true that women have a long way to go before society bridges the gap of gender inequality. It may not occur in this lifetime, but one can only hope that society is heading in the right direction."

Ana Hawk is the President of the RED PAPER CLIP CENTER a nonprofit working on breaking the cycles of abuse. The CENTER works with Domestic Violence, troubled teens, the elderly, physically challenged, veterans and even animal rescue. Our purpose is to end all cycles of abuse and link all nonprofits together to maximize the benefit to all.

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