Hikers Reminded of Canyon Restrictions, Encouraged to Protect Watershed

Restrictions on Pets and Certain Hiking Activities Enforced in Several Popular Canyons

Well-trod canyons like the Big and Little Cottonwoods, Parleys, and City Creek in Utah recently reminded hikers about restrictions regarding pets, water usage, and activities in their area. Since these canyons provide up to 60% of the drinking water in the Salt Lake Valley, it is important to keep the water as clean as possible. With watershed areas and bodies of water to protect, authorities have asked hikers to follow certain restrictions in the area.

Hikers are advised to avoid bringing dogs, horses, and other domesticated animals along on their hikes. According to park officials, waste from these animals has contaminants like bacteria and parasites that can leak into the water. Swimming and wading by both humans and pets are also prohibited. These limitations were placed to lessen the amount of foreign contaminants in the water. Aside from following canyon restrictions, hikers are also encouraged to practice responsible hiking and bring a first aid kit on their hikes.

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