HighestCashOffer.com Purchases Homes in all 50 States

HighestCashOffer.com announces the expansion of their home buying service areas to include the entire United States.

An Arizona-based real estate solutions company recently announced the expansion of their service area to offer homeowners across the nation with solutions to their real estate sales problems. Throughout much of the United States, it can take homeowners up to three weeks or more to find a buyer for their home. The company, HighestCashOffer.com, purchases homes in “as is” condition, often within seven days.

Many families across the country want or need to buy a newer or larger home due to changes in family dynamics or household income. However, often homes remain on the market due to buyer concerns regarding repairs. Alternatively, many homeowners throughout the country are challenged with paying two mortgages: one on a home they have recently purchased and one on their old home which is still on the market. HighestCashOffer.com offers their services to families throughout the country whose home may otherwise remain on the market for an unreasonable amount of time. “We understand the hardships that families across the nation endure when selling their homes and purchasing a new one,” said Hilary Hobson, co-owner of Highest Cash Offer. “Many families have already bought and moved into a new home and are simply waiting for someone to buy their old home. Sometimes, these houses can remain on the market for months – even years – without a serious buyer. This leaves the homeowners paying on two mortgages, which not only becomes quite expensive over an extended period, but it is also unfair to the homeowner. We want to help these families sell their old homes quickly so they can move on with their lives and forget about their old home.”

Highest Cash Offers offer unique benefits to homeowners. One of the most impressive benefits that the company offers to homeowners is that Highest Cash Offer will purchase any home, regardless of its condition. “We buy homes in an ‘as-is’ condition. Many of the homes we purchase are in need of mild to moderate repairs. Homeowners will never hear the word ‘no’ from us when they want to sell their home,” said Hilary. Additionally, homeowners do not need to be concerned about listing fees, commission fees or closing costs and the company states that they will take over any existing tenants that the homeowner may have. “We just want to help reduce the stress that our clients are already experiencing. We try to make the process of buying their homes quick and painless,” Hilary adds.

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For more information about HighestCashOffer.com or to request an offer, please visit http://www.highestcashoffer.com or call 888-977-9170.

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